Satur-deja Vu

It’s gettin’ to be that time. Let me clarify my position on fall. I’m not just an old grouch that complains about everything and I do not hate fall. There are things I like about fall when it actually gets here but if you start talking about hoodies and pumpkin spice in the middle of July I will grouch a little because summer is my favorite. Maybe spring, then summer then fall in that order. Spring and fall are transition seasons. During the springtime the days get longer, the grass and trees come back to life, we start getting ready for baseball, grilling out and opening the pool. In the fall I enjoy hot cocoa, smores, bonfires, sunsets and colorful leaves as much as the next guy. Many of the most popular fall activities are centered around keeping warm. I don’t love hoodies as much as I don’t like being cold. Fall is the transition season from summer, which is the best, into winter. That season doesn’t make my list of top 3 favorites. I would rather mow grass than shovel snow, and wear shorts and sandals than sweaters and parkas. I do all of the autumn things and enjoy it while it lasts; big sucker for a hayride, seriously. But it saddens me to know what’s coming, which is basically an end of all things. At least until April.

I do love me some candy corn. I could do without candy corn if it meant one never-ending summer but you take the good with the bad. Fun fact: the second listed ingredient in candy corn is corn syrup. So candy corn is made from real corn. Neato.

Dolly Parton has a new Christmas album coming out October 2. You should expect a review and a recommendation in the next few weeks. In the meantime, the Robertson Family Christmas album is nothing new having been released in 2013. But I just found out about it this week. This thing went platinum. Click here for a behind the scenes/making of feature. It’s too early to actually play Christmas music but it is time to start getting ready.

Fans and friends know that I have been reposting the Internet Monk Radio podcast. There are more recent podcasts that I follow, one of them is Jimmy’s Table which you can find on Spotify, the iTunes Store, etc. I have been meaning to recommend the Phil and Jase Robertson podcast Unashamed for a few weeks now. It’s a one hour program, not just 30 minutes, and they post several of these each week. Not every day but 4 or 5 days out of 7. They spend a few minutes each episode doing a Bible study of John’s Gospel but a lot of time chasing rabbits. And by chasing rabbits I mean talking about duck hunting, hurricane season, their other family members, news, weather and politics. You probably don’t have to be a redneck to enjoy it (but I guess I wouldn’t know about that).

This will be a purely academic discussion. Matthew Yglesias proposes that the United States will not be able to maintain its current position as the most influential economic superpower with a population only 1/4 that of China. In his new book, just released September 20th, he states that America needs to influence population growth by offering economic encouragement for having larger families and changing our immigration policy in order to attract and admit more immigrants. While cities are crowded along the east and west coasts there are vast interior sections of our country that are sparsely populated. He points to Saint Louis as an example, which used to have a population of 800,000 but today that has dwindled to around 400,000. He lays out a well reasoned, well argued case that it is in our best interest to purposefully increase our population to over a billion people, giving us a population density roughly equal to France and still less than that of Germany.

I’m not convinced. Like I said, this is an academic discussion. Federal policy on economic development and immigration is unlikely to be influenced. I believe the one billion plus populations of China and now India are a liability to their economic growth and development, not an asset. Yglesias points to the increase in production and the effects that would have on GDP and tax revenue. The demographics of our population have changed over the past century in terms of wage earners. I can’t see that increasing the population by a dramatic percentage would guarantee more people working than receiving welfare, Medicare, Medicaid, disability and other benefits.

Click here to read descriptions and reviews on Amazon and leave your thoughts in the comments. It’s an interesting discussion but I don’t imagine anyone making policy will consider it any further than that.

The Atlanta Braves have clinched the NL East Division Title for the third consecutive year. Their win last night in the 11th inning moves them into the #2 seed in the National League. First round of playoff action starts next Wednesday. The Georgia Bulldogs will finally begin their season this afternoon. UGA plays at Arkansas at 4 pm, the Boston Red Sox play in Atlanta again at 7. Take that 2020.

Those tic tac flavors were assorted. I found out that if we give our daughter multiple packs she pours them into a large bowel and sorts them. That’s some next level OCD right there. I can’t say that I’m not proud.

Am I the only one that see a smiley face? This was for sale on a local Facebook yard sale page and they just talked about the condition of the grill and how it doesn’t come with an LP tank. No mention of how happy it is to be a grill.

Well I think that’s gonna do the Deja Vu this week. Happy Monday is always posted on Monday morning, the Hebrews Bible Study and iMonk Radio podcasts are usually on Tuesday and Thursday. Sometimes real life comes at you quick and you have got be flexible. We have a couple of family members, not in our immediate household, that are recovering from Covid-19. We lost a family pet suddenly this week. Let’s end with a picture of Jax and y’all have a safe and happy weekend. Pick up some candy corn the next time you go out. 😀 Peace and God bless.

Johannah took this picture and applied the labels. Look closely, one of these things is not like the others.

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