Satur-deja Vu

Let me first apologize for not getting an iMonk Radio podcast posted this week. Thursday and Friday were rough on me personally but I’m slowly coming around. The Master’s Table reached a milestone of 600 followers this week. The Internet Monk was a lot more popular online than I’ll ever be so there’s a good chance those podcasts are why some of y’all are here. We’ll get it right next week, please and thank you.

Did you catch the Harvest Moon Thursday night? It was still impressive last night and will probably look just about as full tonight. You may also see the planet Mars as a bright red spot at about the 10 o’clock position in relation to the moon when you look up. There will another full moon, known as a blue moon when occurring twice in a single month, on October 31st. There will be a full moon on Halloween night, which is on Saturday this year. The time change will take place overnight (the next day being the first Sunday of November) and we will all get an extra hour for either revelry or to recover from revelry, your choice.

The Atlanta Braves advance in the extended playoff bracket. I’ve seen history made twice recently. I watched the Braves score 29 runs against the Marlins on September 9th. That’s a National League record and second to the MLB record of 30. Then on Wednesday I watched 12 scoreless innings against the Cincinnati Reds, a postseason MLB record, which ended with the Braves finally scoring a single run in the bottom of the 13th. That history in the making was hard to watch. After sweeping the Reds in the best of three wildcare series ATL will face the Marlins again on Tuesday to begin the National League Division Series (NLDS). Click here to view the full bracket via

The Georgia Bulldogs welcome the Auburn Tigers to their home opener in Athens. The Georgia – Auburn matchup is known as the oldest rivalry in college football. Georgia has a tough 10 game schedule since all games are in conference, but it’s no tougher than every other SEC team will face, if you think about it.

I don’t say much about politics on this blog but when I saw this… In this Covid world we live in now, the candidates did not shake hands before the presidential debate Tuesday evening. I’m sure if they had looked each other square in the eye, and then embraced in the time-honored tradition of shaking hands like gentlemen, they would have treated each other as such for the next hour and a half. This is what “the Rona” has done to us.

On a serious note, the president and first lady recently tested positive for Covid 19 and he has been admitted to Walter Reed hospital as a precaution. Nothing about his campaign, including the next debate scheduled for October 15th, is certain. The vice president and his wife are both testing negative so the Pence – Harris debate should be on for Wednesday. Kudos to Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and others that have publicly stated they are praying for the president and his family, as opposed to others who wish them a terrible death. I’m sure my readers don’t need to be reminded which is appropriate.

International Coffee Day was either September 29th or October 1st, depending on your source of information. It’s not like I’m skipping coffee any day so whatever. The Kevin & Taylor Show shared the above image on their Facebook page. I suggest that you drink the coffee at home in order to get to the coffee in public. It’s a process not a one-and-done kind of thing.

I’ve seen this before but this is the kind of random, will not help you in any meaningful way, sort of trivia that Saturdays are perfect for. The meme assumes that America is the only place that invents things. A-1 sauce, used in the United Kingdom on meat and game, was introduced at the 1862 international exposition in London. It didn’t come to the United States, where it was marketed as steak sauce, until 1895. The actual history is somewhat contentious so do your own research and be advised that your results will vary.

The video below, with various foliage and sounds of nature, will play for four hours in ultra high definition 4K. It’s like the fireplace we put on our big screen at Christmas only more autumn and less… fire. Peace and blessings online friends.

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