Satur-deja Vu

Hunger Walk goes virtual. A lot of things have been different this year if they were not cancelled altogether. Movie theaters and airlines are suffering greatly. Because of the economic impact of Covid-19 the need for food assistance is greater than in years past so we decided cancelling our annual fundraising event would not be the right thing to do. I posted a big group picture of everyone that showed up last year but many churches and individuals made donations without taking part in the actual walk. So this year anyone that wants to walk can take a walk anywhere they would like and share a pic on social media. Donations can be made online and we will have an in-person drop site. I’m not asking my readers to support this local cause; if you live in Calhoun or Gordon County you’ve probably seen or heard or ads. There is likely a similar need in your community and there are ways to reach out even if it’s not the way you’ve always done it.

Variation on a theme. I don’t always work in a food bank, volunteer at church food drive and do a food bank fundraiser all in the same week but that’s what this week has been like. I spent a few hours putting boxes in cars but some of these volunteers are out there every week. It takes personal and business donations, organizational skills, space for storage and pickup, leadership, promotion and manpower to put on an event like this. No individual can do everything but we can all do something. There is more to life than debating politics. Jesus said if you give a cup of water to the least of his children is like you have done it to him. Many this year have lost a job, healthcare or perhaps even a home. But everyone still has to eat.

Alright, sermon over. Here’s some other stuff:

That’s a quarter of a million miles. I had to replace a water pump earlier this year and recently the seal behind the crankshaft pulley. But I’m looking to get at least 300,000 miles out my Chevy HHR and so far so good. Next June this car will be paid for!

If Dean Martin wore a hard hat, I’m sure it would have been this one. I’ve seen the cowboy hat style hard hats in real life but this pic is from the internet. I imagine this is what Italian mob bosses wear when they visit construction sites. Very classy.

That time Jax and I wore matching scarves. Regular readers may know that Jax passed away a few weeks ago following a very short illness. He was actually sick for only a day or so and we planned to take him to the vet’s office when it opened the next morning but he didn’t make. I came across this picture from one year ago.

These were my favorite coffee cups for over 10 years. The blue cup is no longer with us and the burgundy looking one may not be around for much longer. We have more cups than we have space for cups but I really liked these ones a lot.

It looks like he did. Outside of today’s Hunger Walk I plan to take it kind of easy today. The Braves – Dodgers NLCS game conflicts with the Georgia – Alabama football game this afternoon. I would like to see the Braves make it to their first World Series since 1999 and if they don’t do it today they have one more chance tomorrow. You have a great fall and we’ll do it again next week.

UPDATE: I stand corrected. Not sure why I though the Bulldogs were playing Bama at 3:30. That game will be on CBS tonight at 8:00.

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