Satur-deja Vu

In addition to Reformation Day, October 31st is also Halloween. If you’re into Halloween as a fun thing kids do and nothing more, Happy Monday was full of images, cartoons and puns like the one above. The Hebrews 11 Bible Study was pretty good this week, imho, and iMonk Radio was published on Thursday per the usual.

Here’s some other stuff that happened this week:

Jimmy Humphrey, over at that other table, is one of many office employees that worked from home during the pandemic. He will now be working from home permanently, a situation that again many Americans find is their new normal. In his latest podcast episode, Jimmy shares tips from his personal experience for successfully working from home.

I thought that was funny. I knew he reminded me of someone. The L.A. Dodgers won the World Series after six games versus Tampa Bay. They had a harder time beating Atlanta to get to the World Series but that’s neither here nor there. Then we were all reminded of how weird this 2020 baseball season has been as Justin Turner took the field to celebrate after being removed during game six for testing positive for Covid-19. He was on the field with no mask and no social distancing despite being pulled from the game to prevent the spread of the virus. Let’s not point the finger of blame on a single player. Neither the Dodgers organization nor MLB had any system in place to prevent him from being on the field because what happened during that game had never been done before. Just one more weird thing to remind us that 2020 isn’t over yet.

Hurricane Zeta came and went quickly but left 6 dead and over 2 million without power on its way through. 3 people in Georgia and 1 in Alabama died from trees falling on their homes. Zeta is the 5th name storm to hit Louisiana this year. Here is a link to the CBS coverage pictured above. So far there have been 27 names storms and hurricane season will not end until November 30th.

Sean Connery has passed away at the age of 90. It’s almost breaking news as Connery passed in his sleep earlier today. His son says he has been unwell for some time.

I have practically ignored the current election cycle as there is quite frankly no possible way anyone could have missed it. More than half the number of people who voted in 2016 have already voted early for the November 3rd general election. Much like the 2000 election it may be days or weeks before we know the outcome of the presidential race.

Don’t forget the time change tonight/in the morning.

Most of your devices probably set themselves, unless you have smart devices that fell back one hour last week. Oops. Enjoy your weekend, double check the time in the morning, see you in November.

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