Satur-deja Vu

What I like to do for the Satur-deja Vu is share human interest stories, things from my real life, a fun did you know kind of entry, and yes, mention a news headline or two. It’s a week in review because we are not all watching and listening to the same things. There is no way you missed this week’s ongoing… and going and going… election results. So the meme above is timely, topical and hopefully caused you to crack a smile. This election cycle is just so 2020 we shouldn’t have expected anything else. But all the news isn’t bad…

McRib is back!!! McDonald’s will have a nation rollout for the perennial favorite McRib sandwich for the first time since 2012. Before anyone starts commenting nutrition facts or emailing me ingredient lists, just know that I’m well aware and do not care. A Burger King Whopper with cheese and bacon has 790 calories, and that’s before you eat the fries or have a beverage. A McRib has no more (and possibly fewer) calories than a sausage, egg and cheese biscuit which I indulge in from time to time but certainly do not eat everyday. McRib is available for a limited time only so I will probably have two or three and then not go back to McDonald’s for a couple of months.

McRib arrives December 2nd, just in time for my birthday. It will the best thing to happen to 2020.

Merriam-Webster has added irregardless to the dictionary. It is a word because when someone says it they know what they mean and so do you. It means regardless but has extra letters and syllables. Click here to learn more about the dictionary maker’s reasoning.

“Vanilla flavoring comes from where?!?” If you spend time on Facebook or Twitter you may have come upon this fun fact, or will soon as we enter the holiday baking season. Real vanilla extract comes from vanilla beans. You make your own at home by soaking vanilla bean pods in vodka. Artificial vanilla, strawberry and raspberry flavorings can be made from castoreum, which is produced by beavers in a gland near the anal gland (but no, does not come out of the beaver’s butt). Castoreum has been used for flavoring for over 80 years. It’s use dates back to ancient times when Romans burned the secretion in lamps believing it caused abortions. Here’s the real deal: although the FDA classifies castoreum as “generally recognized as safe” chances are nothing you buy at the grocery store contains any. Less than 300 pounds are produced annually and according to this article that’s spread pretty thin across the market. It makes a shocking headline but the story has been recurring for several years now. I wouldn’t worry about it too much, especially if you eat eggs and drink milk without asking questions. Google shellack and see where that comes from. It’s not just for wood finishes, they polish candy with it too.

Last Saturday was Halloween so I blew the leaves off the driveway, put on my big shark head and sat outside with a big bowl of candy for a few hours. There was no shellack that I’m aware of. We had music playing and the lights were on but a grand total of two kids showed up, in the same car. Another car turned around in the driveway but that was a false alarm. Just like taking food to a potluck, I made sure the candy was something we liked. So I didn’t have to rob the little girl’s stash this week, I had all the Tootsie Rolls I could eat.

That’s about it for this week. Look for all our regular features next week on The Master’s Table as well as election results in the news and Veteran’s Day. Worship at the URL of your choice (or in person if that’s an option) and enjoy this pleasant fall weekend… if that’s an option. It’s delightful in northwest Georgia. We’ve got the last soccer game of the season this morning and the weather is perfect for it.

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