Satur-deja Vu

There are 151 national cemeteries in 42 states and Puerto Rico but only from Arlington can you see the Washington Monument and the US Capitol. There are very few headstones in this shot because this section of the cemetery has not been filled yet. On November 10th, the day before Veterans’ Day, my mother-in-law was laid to rest and received military honors at Arlington National Cemetery. Juanita Caroline Goad served in the United States Army from 1969 until 1991 and continued to work in Civil Service until she retired at 65. Family members gathered from Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Pennsylvania and as Connecticut this week. It was a tropical 75 degrees at 2 PM in the middle of November and much of the fall foliage is still hanging around.

Before we left town last Saturday, Johannah played in her last soccer match of the season. This is her team the “Soccer Dawgs” of the local rec. department/YMCA. She has been in Girl Scouts for years but this was her first team sport. For the final practice of the season they scrimmaged parents against the kids. I’m pleased to say I played soccer for 45 minutes, scored two goals and did not die.

It’s a sign of the times. Who has not attended a Zoom meeting this year? The Gordon County Christian Ministerial Alliance tried to meet in person last month, offering the option of showing up or Zooming in. We had three in person and five on Zoom so we decided to continue online for the time being. My biggest problem with these meeting is false starts. Two people will start speaking, then stop, then pause awkwardly to see which will continue. Meanwhile our local Baptist Association preacher’s meeting is back to somewhat normal attendance levels. We had a full table, following the meeting, last week at the Taco House.

The Master’s in November. The classic golf tournament held annually at the Augusta National was postponed back in the spring but is presently in full swing (pun intended). I’m not a big fan of golf and I’m just now learning about the traditional egg salad/pimento cheese phenomenon. I don’t care for either of those. The cucumber samiches of Derby week sound more appealing, imho. Where do you land on this topic?

I know it’s just a meme but think about it. I often find myself driving in my dreams, at work, trying to remember my locker combination from high school and dozens of other far fetched scenarios that never happen in real life. I had a dream a week or two ago about swimming out of a van that a guy purposely drove into the water. I’ve dream I was trying to read music but couldn’t make it out (because the part of brain that interprets text into sounds is not active while you sleep). I have never dreamed about answering my phone, looking for my phone, or doing anything with my phone despite the fact that I do those things everyday. Your mileage may vary; do you dream about your smartphone?

True story.

We’ve had one Thanksgiving dinner and have another one planned today. Enjoy the weekend, worship in some form or fashion, Van Till will be in Monday morning. Peace and God bless.

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