Satur-deja Vu

That is a cornucopia also known as a horn of plenty. It is a common image this time of year (although some readers of a certain age may recognize “the horn” from The Hunger Games). Pictured above is a ceramic wall plaque that came from my grandparents’ farm house. It hung in my mother’s kitchen for most of the years I lived at home and has followed Teresa and I through every move. In spite of all the jokes and memes about 2020 there is much to be thankful for. Imagine if this pandemic had been 20 years ago, before Zoom meetings were possible and video streaming was virtually nonexistent. Grocery delivery and pickup services are not just modern conveniences but have saved lives over the past year. We have all lost someone this year and perhaps know someone that is quarantined or hospitalized right now; and yet we are abundantly and richly blessed if we take honest stock of all that we still have. To read this post you must be not only alive and (presumably) well but have electricity, internet and a smartphone or laptop. That puts you in a high ranking category of wealth and privilege among the world’s 7+ billion population. This year has been tough. And God is good. Let’s be thankful this week and go ahead and look forward to 2021.

We can be thankful that Apple reversed course and the Charlie Brown holiday specials will be broadcast this year after all. Apple acquired the rights to the beloved Peanuts specials and hoped to attract subscribers to their Apple+ TV streaming service. You could stream Charlie Brown and his friends without a subscription but folks still demanded they be broadcast over traditional channels. PBS will air the Thanksgiving and Christmas specials, check your t.v. listings for details. YouTube will be streaming the Thanksgiving special free of charge November 25th – 27th. Apple is used to telling their customers what they want, apparently they found out they can’t tell the rest of us what we want.

The Christian Index is the Georgia Baptist Newspaper. Each week they publish a commentary of the upcoming Bible Studies for Life Sunday School lesson. The commentaries are written by a pastors, BCM directors and other ministry leaders from around the state. The November 22nd and 29th lesson commentaries are being written by yours truly. Committed to His Worship is tomorrow’s lesson and you read that article by clicking here. Look for Committed to His Mission next week.

And now for something completely different:

Preparing and presenting a delicious meal is a combination of art and science. Your grandmother may make it look easy but probably spent years getting her recipes and techniques just right.

I would never be confused with a ninja. Maybe a hardcore devil stomping Sumo wrestler.

Here’s another holiday gift idea. You can put any cat on a pair of socks. If I had cat named Socks I would put Socks the Cat on a pair of socks, then put those socks on Socks!

I do not have a cat.

This Thanksgiving will be different. Maybe you will stay at home with immediate family or have a smaller gathering than last year. Give thanks to the God from whom all blessings flow. He is worthy of worship even when times are tough. Have you read the Old Testament? There is much to be thankful for.

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