Satur-deja Vu

This year’s Hanukkah celebration ended last night. So about four years ago I’m watching a holiday special called Nina’s Hanukkah Adventure. The animated character that looks so much like me in the still shot above is actually Nina’s rabbi. Not only does it look like I got sucked into a cartoon the blonde hair, blued eyed lady could pass for Teresa. I cropped those those headshots and used it as my profile pic for a while.

Here is a real picture that I would guess is from 1999 or 2000. I’m wearing what we affectionately refer to now as “the sweater.” Teresa and I met on Valentine’s Day in 1997 and I was wearing the same sweater. She stitched it up a little bit a few years ago and it comes out every Christmas for one or two occasions. In a couple of years the sweater will turn 30. I may someday buy a new sweater but I don’t know…

Vice-president Mike Pence getting the Covid vaccine yesterday. There are now two vaccines, Pfizer and now Moderna, that have received emergency use authorization from the FDA. The number of active cases is higher now than it has ever been in the United States. If people travel and cause an after Christmas surge, like the one that happened after Thanksgiving, the healthcare system will reach a breaking point in some places. Hospitals are already overcrowded in some cities in New York and California with I.C.U. patients overflowing into lobbies and what used to be family visitation waiting rooms. You can add more beds. What they cannot always do is add more doctors and nurses. The vaccines are good news and show promise. By this time next year there may be a dozen or more manufactures with vaccines on the market. The next two or three months could be the worst yet, even with the vaccines making its way into the population.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra is better than Mannheim Steamroller. Change my mind. Truth be told, there are too many songs, movies, etc. for me to chose my single favorite of anything. I like TSO and Mannheim Steamroller but still have favorite songs by each. Click here to watch the full length Ghosts of Christmas Eve movie. I watch it again every year.

UPDATE: iMonk Podcast #115 was published on Thursday. Van Til gets a mention and an open mic comment thread I particpated in is discussed. The ESV Study Bible was brand new at the time. Also includes a discussion of the Gospel and the Law. Click here to read the post and hear the podcast.

The next Satur-deja Vu will come out the day after Christmas (Boxing Day for some of you). So from my real family and The Master’s Table, we hope you have a worshipful and joyous Christmas celebration. Like so many other things it will be different this year but we look ahead hopefully to 2021. Peace, and God bless.

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