Satur-deja Vu

My birthday was two weeks ago but I have friends with birthdays on Dec. 18th, one week before Christmas, and one lucky enough to be born on December 25th. I guess in some ways that’s really special, until you get to a certain age (for me it was about 10 or 11) and you realize that kids with birthdays in the summer get presents twice a year. As you get older, birthdays don’t matter as much and maybe you’re glad that no one notices; but there may not be anything that matters more to a kid. And to have one of the most important days of your calendar year pretty much ignored by everyone… for those that don’t know, the struggle is real.

This is one of those 2020 headlines that just wouldn’t make sense any other year. It’s safe for Santa to visit (even though you couldn’t sit on his lap or take your picture with him just last week) because he’s now had all his shots. Some kids left milk, cookies and a mask out for Santa! He will now isolate for the next 364 days.

Yes!!! Baby Yoda caused a stir in recent weeks receiving accusations of genocide and calls for cancellation. It’s another one of those “only in 2020” things because people have been caged up too long. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but I thought the frog lady/egg slurping episodes was one of the best this season. I also wish he could actually consume every Elf on the Shelf in this country, elevating himself imho to superhero status. Like I said, everyone is entitled to their opinion and you are welcome to yours; but that is one creepy holiday tradition I am glad to have missed out on. Never in my house.

Aside: I know that The Child has been named. Only fans of the show know who Grogu is. Every person under the age of 90 has seen or heard of Baby Yoda. It’s just like Link isn’t Zelda and Dr. Who’s name is not Dr. Who. Outside of their respective fandoms the cultural zeitgeist doesn’t care.

If you just can’t get enough Pedro Pascal he plays a major role in Wonder Woman 1984. WW84 opened in theaters in the United States and premiered on the streaming service HBO Max on the same day, December 25th. Movie theaters were not doing well before the pandemic. With all of them shutdown, studios had a couple of options. Disney released Onward directly to their brand new Disney+ streaming service. Disney was heavily invested in advertising during the 2020 Olympic games to promote the launch of the new service. Shutting everything down and keeping everyone at home may have done more for subscription streaming services than all the advertising in the world ever could. Other titles, such as Ghostbusters: Afterlife and Top Gun 2, saw their release dates pushed back a time or two and then get rescheduled for 2021. And then things got weird (a relative term in 2020). Disney released the live action Mulan to their streaming service but at an additional cost on top of the subscription price. The original 2D animated film was not their biggest hit ever; I probably wouldn’t have paid the price of a movie ticket to see the new one much less $30! But this is the experimental phase. Can movie makers bypass the theater altogether and make money delivering their product directly to the consumer? With many theaters still shut down, and those that are open operating at diminished capacity, WW84 took a hybrid approach. It will be interesting to compare box office numbers with HBO Max subscribers. A month of HBO Max is only $15, half the price of renting Mulan!

We already had HBO and were automatically signed up for HBO Max at the same price. Netflix is going up a dollar or two, depending on your plan, and Disney+ will go up a dollar sometimes next year. Chances are with kids at home and very few places for any of us to go, you already subscribe to one or more of these. BTW, we give WW84 two thumbs up.

I don’t always serve turkey, ham and chicken at the same meal but it was Christmas Day.

Did you have a white Christmas? Some folks in the northeast had too much. This pic was taken from my mother’s front porch in 2010. I have seen exactly one white Christmas in my lifetime (not counting the one we spent in Germany). There was enough snow for the kids to roll up a snowman or two but the ground wasn’t froze and people in Georgia were still able to drive. It was all gone the next day. Some folks near us saw snowflakes on Christmas Eve this year but it missed us by the that much.

Happy Boxing Day to some of you. The next Satur-deja Vu will be January 2, 2021! Get your resolutions list ready (tongue in cheek) and we’ll see you next year!

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