Satur-deja Vu

A notable distinction he never wanted: Jim Gilligan was the winner of the last episode of Jeopardy hosted by Alex Trebek and the returning champ on the first show hosted by Ken Jennings. Katie Couric, Mayim Bialik and Bill Whitaker are slated to appear as guest hosts and more will be announced later. A permanent replacement for Trebek has not been announced. Each guest host serves a two week stint and the cumulative total of winner takes during that two week period is donated to a charity of the guest host’s choosing.

It’s clever the way it is but when I first saw this I thought it said “Breaking Bread” which would have more closely resembled the source material (Breaking Bad) and had a distinctly biblical vibe.

Jon Acuff was the author of Stuff Christians Like, a book filled with sayings from his blog of the same title. He continues to share things we like as himself on social media. I can understand the concern that some Christian parents had over the role playing game Dungeons and Dragons back in the 80’s. Later, as a teacher at a Christian school, I silently took issue with the confiscation of Harry Potter books. I listening to one teacher wax on about reading Lord of the Rings as a teenager but then explain that while LOTR had wizards and magic it did not actually teach kids to cast spells the way Harry Potter does. (Trust me, that oculus reparo thing does not work.) Back in the early 90’s my parents invited a couple over for lunch after church. They had a son that was younger than me but a little older than my younger brother. The three of us were in my brother’s room playing Nintendo games when the dad walked in and launched into a tirade. He verbally berated his 10-year-old son for several minutes because he knew better than to play video games on Sunday. My dad interjected that all the kids were just playing together by the house rules, if you will. This man insisted that it made no difference and his son should have known better than to participate. We all continued to associate for many years but my dad made sure to never invite them to come to our house on a Sunday.

I live in northwest Georgia and apparently now so do seagulls. Geese and ducks are common waterfowl in this area but tell me there aren’t two seagulls in this pic.

Who can identify these? From a hundred feet away the first one I saw looked like a chicken but I’m am sure these are some species of duck. They may be a little fatter than the ones normally seen in the wild as this is a residential neighborhood and these particular birds have become comfortable around humans. These two are actually in someone’s front yard.

I think we’ll call this Clark’s Famous Three Pound Pizza. That’s 1 lb. of hamburger and 1 lb. of sausage topped with 1 lb. of mozzarella cheese. 20 years ago Teresa and I were a young married couple living in our first apartment. I browned a pound of ground beef with 1/2 pound of sausage added and mixed up enough dough for two 12″ pizzas. When I went to grease the pans I could only find one. I said “Where is our other pizza pan” and my wife said “What do you mean other pizza pan?” Apparently my mother had two pans at her house but we were living 45 minutes away in another town. So I covered the one pan we had with all the dough and all the toppings I had prepared for two pizzas and out of necessity made my first deep dish. It was 2 or 3 inches thick and had to be eaten with a fork but that’s what I did from then on. Today we have several round pizza pans, baking sheets and casserole dishes but my mother thought if I was going to make big pizzas I needed a big pan. It’s not quite as deep spread across the giant 16″ pan shown above but hot out of the oven you still need a fork.

Why do I wear a beard? Look at these two pics and you tell me. Which one of these characters would you take seriously?

I didn’t post any links but iMonk Radio Podcast #119 has been up since Thursday morning. The voice of Michael Spencer can be heard weekly on The Master’s Table and let me remind everyone that Saturday Brunch will continue at Daniel Jepsen’s new blog Mystery and Meaning. Don’t forget to mention Clark Bunch sent you! (Van Til was going to last week but he forgot.)

Phil Robertson in an early TV interview. I can’t find a source or a year for this but judging by the length of his beard, the grey in his hair, and what I know about his personal history, I am guessing this is the early 1980’s. Long before Duck Dynasty and even reality tv, Robertson was known for playing football at LSU and caught the attention of many at least regionally as he built up his business at Duck Commander. He was told many times that if he continued to share his testimony at duck call seminars it would hurt his business. The Robertsons seem to be doing okay. (You can catch Phil and Jase Robertson on the Unashamed podcast and see Phil In the Woods on Blaze TV.)

That’s all I’ve got to say about that.

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