Satur-deja Vu

We’ve all seen them. Within hours of the inauguration Bernie Sanders memes had just about broken the internet. Jen Ellis, by the way, is a school teacher who knitted the mittens from repurposed sweaters and plastic bottles and gave them to Bernie back when he was on the campaign trail. She is honored that he is still wearing them but all the recent attention has been overwhelming.

Happy Birthday Betty White! If I had known about her birthday we would have posted something last week. Betty White turned 99 on Sunday. She was born in 1922. Sliced bread wasn’t marketed until 1928. Sliced bread is the greatest thing since Betty White!!!

Hank Aaron passed away yesterday at the age of 86. His 715th home run in 1974 broke the longstanding record set by Babe Ruth. He would finish his career with 755 HR’s. Did you know that he still holds the record for All Star Game appearances? Aaron was selected by fans 25 years in a row, a record not likely to be broken anytime soon. Many major league careers don’t even last 25 years. He was 40 years old when broke the HR record, sometimes joking that he was older than the kids pitching and catching put together. His accomplishments made him a hero to many and used that attention to do as much good as possible. Just a few weeks ago he made a public appearance to encourage African Americans to get the Covid vaccine. Atlanta fans also mourn the passing of Don Sutton this week. He was a hall of fame pitcher for the Dodgers but most of his broadcasting career was spent on the air calling for the Atlanta Braves.

Speaking of Covid… With entertainment venus such as movie theaters still mostly shut down, the release of Ghostbusters: Afterlife has been pushed back again, this time to November 11th. Top Gun Maverick is scheduled, for the time being, to open in July. Streaming services have tried to buy the rights to Maverick but Paramount is refusing to sell. I am curious to see how the hold out and wait strategy plays out. Disney films like Onward and Soul have been released directly to Disney+ without a big screen appearance at all. They tried something new with Mulan, offering a streaming showing for a $30 fee in addition to the Disney+ subscription price. Netflix has had a couple of original movies open in theaters one week before coming to streaming and Wonder Woman 1984 was the first film to arrive in theaters and on HBO Max the same day. HBO has the rights to a handful of films set to do the same in 2021. I wonder if ignoring streaming in lieu of a traditional theatrical release is still a viable strategy. I guess we’ll have to the same thing those studios are doing; wait and see.

I’ve heard a lot about prophets and prophecy lately but here is a real prophecy from a biblical prophet. I got a lot of positive response when I posted these verses with a short commentary on Facebook last weekend. This graphic didn’t seem to stir the pot any on Happy Monday but perhaps those readers were busy scrolling down to the jokes, idk. I have never tried to follow the headlines and correlate events in the news to prophecy. Some folks become obsessed with finding signs in everything. The thing with prophecy, on a pragmatic level, is that while God has revealed some things to us there is nothing we can do to avoid it or make those events happen quicker. God will do exactly what he has planned to do when he has planned to do it. He isn’t afraid when governments rise and fall, he doesn’t worry about wars breaking out between countries. And we shouldn’t either.

Nerd alert. I found this interesting whether anyone else does or not. Back in late 80’s, Nintendo was working with Sony to develop a CD-ROM drive for release with future Nintendo console systems. The Consumer Electronics Show in 1991 actually had a Super Nintendo (Famicom in Japan) with a built in CD-ROM called the Playstation. The partnership eventually ended, Sony was essentially fired, and Nintendo decided to go with Philips instead. Furious, Sony immediately formed their own video game division and developing a console of their own. Every incarnation of the Sony Playstation has been commercially successful, which you already know if you tried to buy (or hoped to receive) a PS5 this Christmas. Since 2015 Playstation has been the strongest selling console worldwide. Nintendo essential created their own competition, which later beat them, by kicking Sony out.

Coca-cola once had the opportunity to purchase the rights to Pepsi but reasoned that if they did nothing it would go out of business on its own and they could just save that money. Kodak passed on a new technology that later became known as the Xerox Process and launched the photocopier industry. Nintendo didn’t have to buy anything, though, it was already incorporated into their prototype. The missed opportunity may have been better for the consumer in the long run but imagine being the guy at Nintendo that showed Sony the door.

We’re through playin’ now!

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