Satur-deja Vu

Pizza Hut rolls out Detroit style pizza nationwide. Your next question is probably “What is Detroit style pizza?” Well the first thing you might notice in the image is that this pizza is rectangle. It’s a picky little detail but Chicago style deep dish is usually round. The major difference is that while Chicago style pizza forms a deep dish and fills it with toppings, Detroit pizza has a much thicker crust. My wife’s complaint about Little Caesar’s Deep Deep Dish is that it’s not really deep dish pizza just a lot more bread. That’s Detroit style in a nutshell. Click here for more in depth analysis.

Jimmy’s back. That Pizza Hut story might have ran last week if Facebook hadn’t waited three days to show me Jimmy’s post. After a short hiatus, the Jimmy’s Table Podcast has returned to production with an episode this week on the resurrection. Jimmy sings one verse of Amazing Grace. I’m reminded of James 5:11, blessed are those who endure!

If you listened to iMonk Radio this week, you may have noticed that episode was unique. There were no transitions, just a 20 minute monologue without interruption.

It’s Super Bowl 55 for those of you that didn’t take Latin. Thank goodness we use their alphabet but Arabic numerals. As I explained to my 11-year-old on the way to school yesterday, the Super Bowl is not what it used to be. There are now so many streaming services and on-demand programming that it’s rare for 50 or 60% of Americans to watch the same thing at the same time. Super Bowl viewing probably peaked in the early to mid 90’s and that’s what it seemed like everybody talked about on Monday. Whether you enjoyed the commercials, the food, the halftime show or actually watched the game there was something for everybody. I realize the NFL has fallen out of favor with many of you but we still watch this one game every year at our house and like an old man with crazy stories reminisce about the good ‘ol days.

If you’ve ever noticed Neufchatel cheese at your grocery store it was probably marketed as a reduced fat version of cream cheese. I never noticed any until about a year ago (and didn’t try any until recently). Neufchatel is actually one of the oldest cheeses produced in France, perhaps as early as the 6th century. It’s usually produced in a heart shape, a tradition so old it’s a thing of legend. An American farmer trying to reproduce Neufchatel accidentally invented cream cheese by adding milk and cream to the recipe. That product is still produced today as Philadelphia Cream Cheese. Real Neufchatel is made only with milk which is why is has one third less fat content. It’s easier to spread and the difference in flavor is negligible. Yes, I sometimes spread Neufchatel on an everything bagel…

…and add ripe avocado to the side of sausage balls and scrambled eggs. Some folks have never had breakfast for supper but pictured above is my dinner from Thursday evening. I assure you that I’m as Southern as they come. I make cornbread in an iron skillet using buttermilk and zero sugar. But there is too much good food in the world to limit yourself to one kind of thing.

This was the scene at our house this week. My family lives in the church parsonage which was built in 1957. As far back as anyone can remember, the septic tank field lines have never been replaced which means the same drain field system has been in place and in use for over 60 years. We had the tank pumped twice last year which indicated the system had not failed completely but was slowing down. I’m thinking that if it had not been for the pandemic, which meant everybody in our house was at home all day pretty much everyday, it may have lasted a few more years.

And if I don’t see you again, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight!

One thought on “Satur-deja Vu

  1. When I finished writing this post I went to the kitchen to toast an everything bagel. And I thought “what about avocado slices on the bagel?” True story, I wouldn’t lie to y’all. It’s gonna be a good day!

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