Satur-deja Vu

Half the fun of watching the Super Bowl is the commercials. This T Mobile spot is hilarious. A lot of hype has been made over Tom Brady leaving behind a long and successful career in New England only to immediately return to the Big Game with Tampa Bay. I noted on Facebook that Brady threw three touchdown passes, two of them to Rob Gronkowski, so it’s true that the Super Bowl is never about one guy. This one was about two guys. Fun fact: the original ad T Mobile produced mentioned Tampa Bay specifically. The ad in its original form was rejected and the words “Tampa Bay” were replaced by the more generic sounding “Florida.”

Valentine’s Day has special significance to us. Some consider it nothing more than a made-up Hallmark holiday used to sell cards, candy and flowers. Unless you are Roman Catholic you probably know little or nothing about Saint Valentine and of course the traditional imagery of Cupid shooting people with love arrows is from mythology older than Catholicism so like many of our holidays what we have today is a mis-mash of traditions from various sources. (See also Easter, Halloween and Christmas.) I met my wife on Valentine’s Day in 1997. At a private liberal arts college we had both been invited to a “God’s Love You” party. It was a get together for singles since all our couple friends were going out. Since we had mutual friends, and it was a small school with around a thousand students at the time, we may have very well met another time if not on that night. But we did meet that night and went on our first date one week later, February 21st.

Pictured above is a lunch date (while the child was at school) on Valentine’s Day 2014. I’m wearing the same red sweater I wore on the night we met. Affectionately referred to as “the sweater” it only comes out a couple of times around Christmas and again at Valentine’s Day each year. It has been worked on a time or two – fortunately my wife can do that sort of thing – and must be worn over a t-shirt or dress shirt of the same color. If I were to wear something under it with stripes you could see the stripes through the sweater. It’s more of an illusion now than an actual garment. Our 25th anniversary is coming up next year. Maybe we’ll retire the sweater and put it in a frame or something.

For a character that doesn’t speak Grogu has sure inspired a lot of memes based on things he says. It doesn’t snow often enough in the South for drivers to learn how to handle it. Even if you move down here from up north you may find it’s a different animal. A big snow here usually starts as rain so neither the ground nor the street surfaces are frozen. The rain changes over to snow and the wet street freezes eventually. So under the snow is a layer of ice. Here’s my real advice for driving on snow in the South: Pretend your grandmother is sitting in the back seat wearing her best Sunday dress, carrying a casserole dish full of baked beans with no lid. Adjust your speed and braking distance accordingly.

Even if you can drive in the snow nobody else here can. Just stay home and don’t get hit. Nothing is going to be open anyway.

Come on, it’s just gonna blow slime all over everybody.

It doesn’t get more “Florida Man” than this.

Facebook Memories showed me this yesterday. The 2016 summer Olympic Games had wrestling as an official event but that was scheduled to be the last one. 2020 would have not had wrestling but of course the global pandemic caused everything to be cancelled. Covid is raging in Japan right now, the Games are not likely to take place this year either. Looks like they achieved their goal of reducing the total number of sports.

I’m not a cat. This went viral and there’s a good chance you’ve seen it this week. Just in case you missed it, or want to see it again, here is the Texas lawyer who is not cat.

You may be cool but you’ll never be Waylon Jennings driving a big truck with Big Bird riding shotgun cool. Enjoy the weekend, worship God, check in with us on Monday morning.

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