Satur-deja Vu

Meanwhile on Twitter. Read the question. Consider the responses. Give it a minute if you have to.

It’s funny but could also serve as a good example of informational bias. Obviously a person not using the internet could not have seen the poll on Twitter and responded. When considering polling results, even if they give you a low margin of error based on the sample size, one needs to consider how the poll was taken. An online poll of 10,000 people would really be a poll of 10,000 people with internet access, probably people that use a smartphone or own a computer. Many senior citizens would be left out that might vote in say a presidential election or feel very strongly about a local option sales tax. Likewise if the poll was conducted via telephone – as in landline home telephone – then many of my generation and the vast majority of millennials would be excluded from the results. If you post a poll on Facebook or simply scroll through your news feed, you may draw conclusions about how most people feel or believe. Chances are, though, that your Facebook friends – not all, but mostly – are of the same faith as you, vote the way you do, live in the same country or at least the same region of the country and are of the same socio-economic status as yourself. Your 400 or 800 FB friends are not a good cross section of the population.

Step in the wayback machine with me. Toby Mac shared this picture yesterday, of Carman posing with the guys from DC Talk. You probably know that Carman passed away this week at the age of 65 but that news might have gotten lost after the Rush Limbaugh story broke. I was raised on a steady diet of The Chuckwagon Gang and Primitive Quartet but was introduced to Carman in high school and DC Talk after going to college. I can play shaped note music on the piano but also crank up Jesus Freak in the car. (I have practiced playing Jesus Freak but never performed it anywhere in front of anybody. I considered it but only if someone else did the rap parts. In the Light is more our speed, lol. Teresa and I have led that in praise and worship many times.) Carman recorded nearly 30 albums and sold 10 million records. Back in high school I had one.

What do the Pope and Phil Robertson have in common? I know it sounds like a joke but there’s no punchline. Now I’m not saying it’s a true story, but I believe everything the Robertson’s say really happened. A man showed up claiming to be an emissary for Pope Francis. His story is that the pope sent out 10 men to travel the world and share the Gospel. He listened to Phil share his testimony which includes personal stories and an appeal to believe that Jesus is the Son of God sent to earth from Heaven. He then presented Phil Robertson with two silver crosses that were handed to him by Pope Francis to give to the Robertson family… and said that Pope Francis would like a signed duck call. Phil signed a duck call for a mallard hen and demonstrated how to use it. The emissary pulled out his phone and asked if he could record a video for his niece as well as for the pope so he could see the demonstration of how to use the call.

Now listen… or perhaps look here is more appropriate. I’m not saying every bit of the story is true. I believe this man dressed in black and wearing a white collar visited Phil Robertson and everything Phil shares on the podcast happened like he said. Was this guy really sent by the pope? I have no way to independently verify that claim. It sounds kinda far fetched but we live in a crazy world and fantastic things happen. If a person shook my hand, looked me in the eye, and told me the pope sent him to speak to me I would not tell him to his face that he’s a liar. After the leaving the United States, he says he is going to Pakistan and has a long list of places to visit before returning to the Vatican. If Pope Francis shows up on Twitter thanking Phil for the duck call, or with any duck call period for that matter, I will post a screenshot. Here is a link to episode #227 on YouTube or look for Unashamed with Phil and Jase Robertson wherever you listen to podcasts.

Mr Heater Portable Buddy is a small propane heater. It’s meant for small spaces like a tent, tree stand, the pope to use in a duck blind, something like that. I have one just in case the power goes out in the middle of winter. We have natural gas so in the event of a blackout we would have plenty of hot water and could cook (or keep the kitchen from freezing) with our stove top burners. We could not light the oven because the controls are electronic and our natural gas heat would not light without the blower fan engaged. So the little Buddy would hopefully keep the water lines to the guest bedroom half bath, at the other end of the house from the kitchen, from freezing and busting. We might not be able to keep the whole house comfortable but we would certainly survive. A 1 lb. propane bottle is good for either 3 or 6 hours (depending on high or low setting) and I have the optional 5 ft. hose to attach a 20 lb. LP tank. I always have one of those on the grill and a full tank in storage ready to replace it. I was reading product reviews for this item on Amazon and came across this little gem:

I’ve laughed out loud twice this week. The other time was reading about someone’s fat but happy pitbull, described as having “big head, no thoughts.”

I’ve been on Twitter for seven years, apparently. I would call that a “Twitterversary” but they didn’t ask me what I thought. When I got ready to publish a book in 2014 I was advised to have as much social media presence as possible. I already had two blogs and Facebook so I actually started two Twitter accounts, one for me and another specifically for the book title. That one no longer exists (even though the God is Near Facebook page still does.) I ignored the advice to start an Instagram account although as many pictures as I take these days maybe I should. I don’t really get Twitter but I keep it around. I was ready to be famous, just in case.

It took me a minute.

Tom Brady trolled his critics this week by playing various audio clips of sportscasters and commentators talking about how old he is and impossible it would be for him to return to the Super Bowl, over images of himself throwing touchdown passes and holding the Vince Lombardi trophy after winning Super Bowl LV. Click the play button above, that’s actually an embed not a screenshot. Someone later asked why Brady felt the need to be petty but I don’t know, I think he earned this one.

Last week I shared a pic of Teresa and I about to have Valentine’s Day lunch at our new Calhoun Applebee’s location back in 2014. The large pic above was taken Sunday, the others go back as far as 2011.

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