Satur-deja Vu

The Internet Monk Archives contain over 7,000 posts from 20 years of Internet Monk. Michael Spencer started blogging around the time of the 2000 election (remember hanging chads?) and continued as the Internet Monk until his passing in 2010. He turned the reigns of the website over to Chaplain Mike Mercer, a kindred spirit he believed to be on the same spiritual journey. Most of you know this story. I met Michael in 2003 but didn’t start blogging myself until after he started the iMonk Radio podcast in 2007.

I need to apologize to Chaplain Mike who I sort of threw under the bus a few weeks ago. As I work through posting the archive of iMonk Radio podcasts, I sometimes link back to blog posts that are mentioned or to other pages and websites (if they still exist, it’s been 10 years). I discovered in horror one evening that was no longer online. I got a timeout failure error message when the site couldn’t be reached and I missed the January 12th message about the new archive site. My readership is small compared to the numbers that Internet Monk pulled in and apparently no one saw my rant that knew about the archive… or at least no one that bothered to tell me. Don’t go back to look for that post; it was just a sentence or two and it will be gone before you see this. I do wish to admit publicly that I was mistaken, wrongly blamed Chaplain Mike, and show my appreciation for the way two decades of Internet Monk has been memorialized.

Click the image above to link; it works now thanks to a reader that pointed out it wasn’t working. And it’s in the blogroll!

Saint Patrick’s Day was earlier this week and a friend on Facebook posted these images from his trip to Ireland a few years ago. This is just Apology Saturday here at The Master’s Table because I don’t remember which of my friends it was that shared these pics. I didn’t steal them, I am sharing them with fellow believers so we can celebrate together. If said friend should happen to see this post and wish to identify himself in the comments, feel free by all means.

This story is straight out of last week’s Saturday Brunch, an Internet Monk feature carried on my Daniel Jepsen. Reverend Roberts got a good laugh out of it himself, and thinks it may have been caused by the grandchildren playing with phone. I would like to get a group of these together – the Blues Vicar, Lawyer Cat – and create a Zoom screen with all of them chatting together. I need a few more pics but I’m sure they’re out there.

The word of the day is: Coincironically. A lot of things that are merely coincidental are mislabeled as ironic. Every single example in the Alanis Morissette song, for instance. My wife accused me of doing the same thing. My friend Dudley came up this word so that all possible bases are covered.

This is a new product I saw advertised this week. You can get the image on t-shirts as well. If you don’t immediately recognize Martin Luther hopefully the reference to his 95 theses will connect some dots. I had to look up Romans 8:1. (I thought about not linking it but I was afraid no one would be bother looking it up.)

That is a WWII era army Jeep, specifically a 1942 model. A new FRL (friend in real life) that lives just down the road spent years putting this project together. What he bought had been someone else’s parts car; everything the other guy needed had already been taken off. For a price of $800 all Richard got was an engine, transmission, transfer case and the tub. He spent the next 14 years sourcing authentic parts from Ford and Willys jeeps (they were all interchangeable) and sometimes reproductions to complete this project. The recently rebuilt engine only has about 200 miles on it so it’s still in the break in period. Under the hood is not historically correct as he upgraded the ignition to a 12 volt system that uses an alternator. The hard core authentic guys using 6 volt systems run into problems in parades as the old fashion generators need to get up around 20 or 30 mph before they start charging. There are some quirks you would only learn about by talking to the guy that built it – or in this case the guy that was paying careful attention listening to that guy, lol. The Jerry can (5 gallon fuel canister) on the back is from a ’43 model. The driver’s seat was made by Ford and designated by a stylized F on the seat back. The passenger seat is unmark meaning it was built by Willys. I noticed looking at the sidewalls that the tires are new and made by a company specialized in historic reproductions. I’m glad there are still people in the world that know how and take the time to do such things. Props to all of you.

I replied to a tweet from Starburst and got a response. Neato. I once posted a picture of Clark Bites and said something positive and the manufacturer, NECCO, thanked me for the endorsement. Then they went out of business so apparently it wasn’t enough.

Grill season is almost upon us and I’m sending this one out to my online friend Jimmy Humphrey. Even though some grill out year round, Memorial Day and Labor Day marked the unofficial beginning and ending of summer. I consider those months grill season (and used to call them motorcycle season but I don’t have a bike right now). I used to always order steak well done but can say that I made the transition to medium well in recent years. The temperature guide above, for use with an internal probe thermometer, doesn’t question the decision making ability of anyone until going past the well done stage. 165 degrees is advised for poultry but even I can admit that at that point you’re making shoe leather out of steak. If you come to my house I will prepare your steak anyway you like it. Would you do the same if I asked for medium well?

Earlier this week I posted my Good Friday poem He Cannot Save Himself and attached this image. I told another online friend, Tuvia Pollack, about this crucifix a few weeks ago. It’s hard to grasp the scope of this piece without some frame of reference. Top to bottom the cross is probably 24 inches (61 cm) or more. This was gifted to me recently, originally purchased in Jerusalem, Israel. He Cannot Save Himself was written several years ago and I am working on a new poem celebrating the resurrection to share this year on Easter Sunday.

It’s like deja vu all over again.

6 thoughts on “Satur-deja Vu

  1. Love listening to M Spencer’s podcasts from the past…I ‘found’ him and his site just before he passed.

  2. Hey Clark, long time no see. Funny story about how I got here.

    My friend convinced me to watch the new Justice League movie, and I relented. And then just to be annoying, I figured I would write a full review. And I figured, if I was going to write a full review, I might as well post it on my dusty blog I haven’t written on in 6 years. 30 minutes of trying to get back into the account later, I posted the review, and then saw your blog on my sidebar. Clicked, read through your posts a little bit (happy to see you still blogging!) and then saw that is gone.

    Do you know the actual reason for moving from the internetmonk URL? I’m glad everything is archived regardless, just seems like an odd choice and I can’t find an actual answer anywhere.

    Hope you and yours are doing well.

  3. Mike Mercer decided to stop creating new content for the Internet Monk site and posted a month or two in advance that it would come to the end of it’s run on December 31, 2020. I don’t know if he ever said why. Michael Spencer blogged for 10 years so maybe Chaplain Mike did not want to overshadow him by doing more than 10 himself. 10 and 10 are nice even numbers, I’ll give him that. There were other contributors and a large community that were not excited about seeing the conversation end.

    As to why the archived material migrated to another URL, that makes logical sense. Someone was paying for hosting and possibly to license that URL (although it may have been purchased outright a long time ago). The .blog address is probably cheap if not free and changing the address gives you a clean break. Starting a new site, even to serve as an archive, gives you control over simplified design elements. There may have been multiple individuals, as contributors, with login credentials and as site admin perhaps Mercer wanted to make sure no one had other ideas for how to use

    I don’t know his actual reasons but all of these make sense as possibilities, imho. I’m glad the archive site exists such as it is. Did you notice that I’m doing a weekly iMonk Radio upload? I don’t have every episode but I do have the most complete collection anywhere that I’m aware of, with the vast majority of them. I have a few early episodes, with numbers in the single digits. Some of the current events he discusses are dated but his wisdom and insights are timeless.

  4. Hey, thanks for your thoughts! Makes a decent amount of sense to me. Still sad to see an era come to a close, for some reason losing the URL was what got me, more-so than the website coming to a halt. I didn’t keep up with it much with Mercer running it, not that he was bad, he just wasn’t Spencer.

    I did notice you’re reposting those podcast episodes. I’m going to add them to my workout playlist, I could some good words of wisdom nowadays. Thanks for keeping those active for so long.

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