Satur-deja Vu

Today is Holy Saturday also known as Black Saturday. The Sabbath was a day of rest, a legal and moral obligation for the Jews. Some Christians believe Jesus was other places doing other things during that period of time; I will not get into whether or not he literally descended into hell and preached to the condemned. Tomorrow is Resurrection Day, Easter Sunday to many although not everyone agrees on that title. If you are in the Calhoun, GA area the Gordon County Christian Ministerial Alliance is having a Sunrise Service at BB&T Park in downtown that begins at 7 AM. We will have prayer, two or three songs everybody knows and a 15 or 20 minute sermon. At 36 degrees I will remind our speaker the shorter the better. Hopefully 2020 taught us not to take so many things for granted, including worshiping together and visiting family.

Coffee with Jesus is frequently seen in our weekly Happy Monday post. Since they changed the formatting to be more vertical there is always some type of disclaimer or commentary along the bottom edge. I used to crop that out but sometimes that part is better than the comic strip. This one says: A friend we’ve never met posted this on Facebook yesterday. It felt right. “Easter is not in the Bible and we’re not told to celebrate it so you don’t have to if you don’t want to and you definitely can if you want to and bunnies are not evil and also have the chocolate if you like. That’s literally in the Bible. ‘So don’t let anyone condemn you for what you eat or drink, or for not celebrating certain holy days or new moon ceremonies or Sabbaths.’ – Col. 2:16”

The story involves a squirrel trapped inside a church that did some damage, most of which has been repaired. Here is a link. I’m more impressed by the WSB-TV caption which is epic, for those of a certain age I guess that remember Ray Stevens. Here is that link. Michigan, Mississippi, very similar in most respects.

I was in the Zaxby’s drive through with my mother the other day and there was a notice about the restaurant being closed on Easter Sunday. I found that a little surprising. I mentioned that Chick-fil-A would also be closed this Sunday for Easter. My mother started “Well that one I understand…” Then she realized. Bazinga!

April 1st was opening day for Major League Baseball. I had a list of ATL Braves facts for the 2021 season ready to go. The numbers 44 and 35, in honor of Hank Aaron and Phil Necro, will be embroidered on every player’s cap for both home and away games. Aaron’s number 44 will be painted on the field at Truist Park. This is the ball club’s 150th season which began as the Boston Red Stockings before becoming the Boston Braves then later moving to Milwaukee and finally Atlanta. And until yesterday I was excited to announce the 2021 All Star Game would be played on July 13th in Atlanta… but now it’s not. MLB went and made it political, moving the game to an as-of-yet unnamed location in response to recent legislation passed by the Georgia General Assembly and signed by Governor Brian Kemp. I don’t do politics on this blog and don’t think the MLB should anywhere. Politics divide us as a nation, the great American pastime should bring us together. Shame on Rob Manfred, shame on MLB.

What Christians Really Believe is a response to a question about the resurrection. Do Christians really believe Jesus came back from the dead? Oh my yes. After several years of sharing my Good Friday poem He Cannot Save Himself, look for a brand new poem about the resurrection tomorrow.

It is finished” is not the same as “The End.”

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