Satur-deja Vu

You’ve probably heard the story about how kangaroos were named by early English explorers. First published in 1888, the story goes that Captain James Cook ran aground in 1770 and saw an animal he could not identify. There were over 250 aboriginal languages in Australia and when he asked his interpreter/guide what it was he said something that sounded like kangaroo and meant either I don’t know or I don’t understand. “Ah yes,” the captain acknowledged. “The kangaroo.” It has been known since 1898, although not widely acknowledged, that “gangarru” in the language of the Guugu Yimidhirr people is the origin for the English word kangaroo. Alas, the truth is more boring than fiction. If you don’t believe me, let Ken Jennings explain it.

The English were incredible colonizers and empire builders but terribly unoriginal at naming things. The colony New Netherlands became New York when they took over and New Amsterdam became New York City. You know, up in New England.

Who’s that old guy dressed like Batman? That’s Michael Keaton. No I’m not kidding, yes he will play Batman in the upcoming Flash movie. Some of you may remember when Tim Burton’s Batman became the most successful live action superhero movie of all time way back in 1989. I remember thinking “That can’t be the same guy that played Beetlejuice.” So he did two movies then stepped aside and George Clooney donned the caped. Then Val Kilmer, Christian Bale, Ben Affleck and now we’ve come full circle to 69-year-old Michael Keaton. I don’t care if he’s 99 I’m geeking out.

Who are these people? What’s with these corn nuts? First watch this, then look for what I hope will be a very special Jimmy’s Table episode where in which he makes a deep dive into these questions. There is no explaining why this product is still on the market but I’m hoping for answers of some kind nevertheless.

“Hey David, run out to where the army of Israel is fighting a war and check on your brothers. Take them some snacks, bring back some souvenirs, and don’t forget to take their commanding officer an assortment of fine cheeses.” That’s how I would have paraphrased 1 Samuel 17 had I been Eugene Peterson writing The Message.

You’ll need this after eating 10 cheeses.

Submitted for your approval. I didn’t do this but did get a kick out of it.

iMonk Radio episodes 130 and 131 are just about the best examples of Michael Spencer’s podcast you are ever going to get. Make sure to give each of them the time and consideration they deserve. You can read The Coming Evangelical Collapse to see what all the fuss is about. Here is the condensed version from Christian Science Monitor he mentions in the podcast if that’s more your speed.

Final thought: at the last minute before publication I decided to fact check that whole Torpenhow Hill thing to see if that was true or not. It has in fact been debunked many times but check out this debunk of the debunking which is informative and entertaining in and of itself. This is what Saturdays are meant for.

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