Satur-deja Vu

There’s no one else up at my house to talk to me but sometimes there are whining and/or barking dogs that want things. “Give me food. Give me water. I need to go pee. I peed in the hallway” are all things they might say if they could talk. The old dogs are great. Like me they grumble quietly and know things. That new puppy though. Our daughter spent the night at a friend’s house but guess what she did not take with her.

Life goals. Maybe this pic is more of a Happy Monday thing but this post is going to run short so here you go. I noted that he has the same dog but swapped vehicles at some point. I’m not sure if he works for NASA or is just a big fan of NASA.

“That boy is our last hope.” Fortunately this never really happened, at least not in the movie. I’ve seen this meme before but only recently learned that this is not a screen grab from the film. This is a behind the scenes shot of Mark Hamill examining the prop. It does not depict Luke Skywalker staring into the business end of his father’s lightsaber.

Huascar Ynoa struck out nine Cubs players and hit his first big league home run Wednesday night in Atlanta. He had already hit a single earlier in the game and that homer gave him a hit for four straight plate appearances. Some tweets suggested making Ynoa the designated hitter (even though the DH was dropped in the National League this year). The Braves did not manage to sweep the Cubs but did take 3 out of 4 games. They seem to either win big or lose big, going down last night 13 – 5 to the Toronto Blue Jays. Listening to the talking heads one gets the impression that’s true of all MLB teams right now. There are more pitchers throwing 100+ mph and more heavy hitters pounding home runs than previous seasons. Teams don’t work on manufacturing runs and the final scores end up being all or nothing.

This video was uploaded Sunday and has been viewed over 135,000 times this week. I hope alcohol was involved and this driver’s decision making process is not this flawed when stone cold sober. Watch the passenger get out of the truck, twice, and never look up.

iMonk Radio continues to be a popular feature and the mp3’s are downloaded many times each week. You cannot find them on Internet Monk or iTunes as Michael advertises on the podcast but when I’m finished the vast majority will be archived here at The Master’s Table. That was never what he intended (he deleted them himself to save space and never had more than 50 at a time on his website) but many of us find them hard to let go so maybe he would understand. Click the image if you missed episode #132 this week.

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