Satur-deja Vu

I will be at the Annual Meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention in Nashville next month. I have been an SBC pastor for 6 1/2 years and attending SBC churches since 2001. I have been to our state convention in Georgia about every other year since 2014. I was at that state meeting in 2017 when Pastor Mike Stone was elected president of the GBC and I will be voting for him in June to serve as president of the SBC. I rarely go to any conference, convention or retreat and I probably should do so more often. Perhaps only another pastor could understand the pleasure of getting to sit down and listen to someone else. There is a lot of business conducted but also multiple worship opportunities that I am not responsible for in any way whatsoever.

Tweet of the Week – Al Mohler will also be nominated for SBC President in June. I’ve heard him speak before as well and if Stone is not elected I kinda hope it’s this guy. Okay, the rest of this post will be less Baptist.

11 day war is a strange way to put it. Palestinians and Israelis have lived in tension for decades, sometimes more violently than others. Hamas will fire rockets, Israel will retaliate, the fire will die down only to blow back up again later. For the time being there is a cease fire. There will continue to be uneasy peace until Hamas starts firing rockets into Jerusalem or other Israeli cities, hiding in holes in the ground and using their families as human shields.

Angela Yen woke up after having her tonsils out to find her she had lost her Australian accent and apparently picked up an Irish one. After a few days she became upset that she was losing a major part of her identity. One morning it seemed to mysteriously correct itself but during a call with a friend to tell her the good news, that lasted no more than ten minutes, her Australian accent began deteriorating. Eyewitnesses describe her new accent as a mixture between Canadian, English and Irish but it does keep changing and apparently hasn’t decided where to land just yet.

Two and half years ago I bought my wife a CrockPot Express. Nonstick inner liner and a lower price point where just about the only distinguishing features between the CrockPot Express and the ubiquitous Instant Pot. Then last fall there was a recall involving the CrockPot model. Then about two weeks ours just quit working. I was actually cooking lunch on Sunday afternoon when I discovered the controls no longer worked. After it finished the program it was running that was it. None of the buttons would do anything. Our local Walmart carries Instant Pot and knock off versions by Farberware and others but not a CrockPot Express in sight. Walmart does now carry the Pioneer Woman collection of Instant Pot; our looks like the above image, there are also blue and teal colors with different floral patterns (which I did not realize until later). My initial reaction after the first use is that this product works better than our previous CrockPot Express ever did. We still have a large CrockPot slow cooker with removable porcelain crockery but this unit replaces the pressure cooker. Check in with me in 30 months.

A private school in Florida warned its teachers if they get the Covid-19 vaccine they will not be allowed any contact with students. Their argument is that the danger to those exposed to vaccinated persons is unknown. “We just don’t know enough about it.” That’s the same line of reasoning Doctor Baker – the chiropractor kind not one that actually practices any sort of medicine – uses for not allowing vaccinated persons in his office. I can’t find the original video but here are some clips aired during Jimmy Kimmel Live last week. He goes into describing the size of cells and claims that no one knows how big a spike protein is.

It’s not a scripted reunion movie but the original cast of Friends will sit down together, reminisce and do a table read of some of the most famous scenes from back in the day.

Phil Robertson demonstrates how to cook rice. He also talks about hospitality and how that is hard to practice when we limit our worship to an hour or two one day a week. The early church met in people’s homes, took meals together and literally shared all they had with each other. Phil recommends cooking a lot more rice than you need in order to show hospitality to others and maybe share the Gospel while you’re at it.

Kraft Spaghetti Dinner – I can’t believe they still sell this product. It’s only 8 oz, half the size of a regular box of spaghetti pasta. The directions call for mixing 12 oz of water with a 6 oz can of tomato paste, purchased separately, and adding the herbs and spices included. I have a friend IRL with fond childhood memories of this being one of the only “homemade” dishes his mother ever prepared. When I worked at Kroger a woman told me she buys these just to get the spice packet; she throws the noodles away and makes her own sauce but needs that flavor pack to do it. I never had this as a kid but apparently its popularity has risen to cult following status.

Late Breaking – I had this post in the can so to speak and scheduled to post this morning. I went to bed early with the Braves up 5 – 0 and confident they would score the win. I got up to discover they made MLB history with 7 HR’s and having scored 20 runs on 20 hits. I never want to see my team lose that badly and honestly I’m okay with missing them win such a lopsided contest.

In addition to Happy Monday, iMonk Radio and the Satur-deja Vu I did manage to get a couple of regular blog posts up recently. Check out Let’s Talk About Eve and When Did Sunday Replace the Sabbath if you missed them. Blogging is not what it used to be but the number of followers continues to slowly increase. Thank you to everyone that follows via RSS, email subscription or through Facebook.

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