Satur-deja Vu

This is the view from the Johns Mountain Trail overlook platform high atop Johns Mountain. While it is possible to drive to this location, let the record show that Johannah and I, along with her puppy Luna, hiked up from the bottom. While the entire round trip is only about 5 miles, it’s the elevation gain of 1,130 ft. that gets you. Click here for more pics and stats.

2010 Chevrolet HHR. This car is not for sale, I’m pleased to announce I just made my last car payment. Back in 2015 this car had a measly 58,000 miles. 72 months later it has accumulated over 267,000.

Shoney’s breakfast buffet – When I was a child and Calhoun, GA was a smaller town than today, Shoney’s was just about the nicest place to eat. It’s where my parents would take their friends that came in from out of town. It’s where I worked in high school instead of taking the ubiquitous first job at McDonald’s. The local Shoney’s in Calhoun was a casualty of the pandemic. (I mentioned it closing last July.) Headquartered in Nashville, TN, Shoney’s was only ever in a few southern states and the number of locations had been shrinking for a decade or two. I took the pic above last week in Cartersville, GA, next to I-75 on Hwy. 20. I don’t always take pictures of my food and don’t even have an Instagram account. I am happy about this, okay. There is also a Western Sizzlin’ up the road in Dalton, GA. That’s a different memory lane but the resulting food coma feels very similar.

That Florida license plate says DOG FAN. This pic was taken on the I-285 Atlanta Perimeter. (It’s okay, both cars were completely stopped. All the cars on the inner loop at that time were completely stopped.)

That Hot Pocket is not in a wrapper. It was probably fine but I did throw that one away.

Barn find. This one wasn’t me but I want to join in the celebration because these things don’t just happen every day. If a man finds a treasure in a field he will go out and sell everything he has to buy that field. Look closely, that’s not one but two sheets of OSB plywood. Score!

I get what this person is saying, I really do, so don’t think I’m an old grouch that just likes to find things to complain about. It’s not even a complaint, this is an example of how things are. When this person writes “technology took over the world” they are ranting about kids looking at screens and carrying cell phones at all times. I would just like to point out that water sprinklers, ice creams trucks, bicycles and electric street lights on a city-wide power grid are all examples of technology. What they are really saying is that kids today don’t spend their time doing the same things kids used to. But that’s always true from one generation to the next no matter which generations we are comparing. The person that wrote this was probably glad as a child they had a color television at home and the family didn’t sit around listening to the radio. The kids that gathered around the family radio were probably glad they had electricity and indoor plumbing while their grandparents complained that kids didn’t know how to go out and pump water up from a well anymore.

I am fine with schools not teaching cursive handwriting. They do still teach kids to print letters and numbers, there may come a day that’s not done anymore. There will always be people that learn how to tell time on an analog clock and input data via a physical keyboard just like we have people around today that learn the skills of blacksmithing and horseback riding. There will be people that can read historical documents in the future because we have people today that can read Egyptian hieroglyphs and clay cuneiform tablets. But everyone doesn’t need to do these things because those skills sets are obsolete. By the way, the original author of the meme shown above managed to post it to social media. Hmm… It’s kind of like going to Walmart during the pandemic and complaining there are too many people at Walmart.

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