Satur-deja Vu

That is not the same picture I shared last week. The picture you saw last Saturday (link) was taken May 22nd, the day Johannah and I hiked to the Johns Mountain overlook. It was a very bright and sunny day which made it difficult to take a good picture with proper contrast. I had invited my friend Dudley to go with us but he had other plans. A few days later he told me that if I wanted to go back he would join me. What, hike up Keown Falls Trail and all the way to the top of the John’s Mountain Loop two Saturdays in row? That would be crazy! But I did it anyway. This picture was taken on May 29th, a day that was cooler and only partly sunny. It rained the night before and the temperature was 15 degrees or so cooler. Dudley and I actually made a longer hike but I hardly broke a sweat and never felt like I was going to die.

This viral FB story is actually true. Here’s an ABC news story that basically confirms the details above. I’ve seen a lot of comments critical of the police and fire crews but rescuing people you can clearly see are in danger takes precedence over making a well check. Claire Olsen was fine so redirecting emergency response from an actual emergency to confirm there was nothing wrong with this lady would have been irresponsible. The family wanted to find out about her condition and the Papa John’s driver was able to do that. Presumably she paid for the pizza and tipped well.

You probably won’t see Marcell Ozuna in a Braves uniform again. I don’t know if this story received national attention or just in the Atlanta market. Last Saturday the Braves played in New York but Ozuna didn’t make that trip, having been injured during a game earlier in the week. Police responded to a domestic dispute call and actually saw him take his wife by the neck and throw her into a wall. He also struck her with the cast on his arm. He was arrested and faces assault and battery charges. Despite posting the $20,000 bail and being released I can’t imagine he will not serve some kind of time. The Braves are looking for a left fielder that can swing a bat – or rather a heavy hitter for their lineup that just happens to also play left – to replace him. Ozuna is only 30 years old so he may yet have the opportunity to rehabilitate his career elsewhere

In other sports news… Naomi Osaka has dropped out of the French Open. A champion on the court (currently the reigning champion of the US and Australia Open) she also battles depression and social anxiety issues. Osaka was fined for not doing interviews with the media during the French Open and threatened with being expelled before she voluntarily withdrew. They threatened to remove the top rated professional tennis player in the world from the French Open tournament, not because of anything related to the game but because she wouldn’t do the press conferences. Why is the media the highest governing body in the sport? Several high profile players have spoken out in her defense as she takes some time off.

I went with pulled pork on Memorial Day. We had grilled cheeseburgers on Sunday evening. I got up at 5 o’clock Monday morning, started the pork shoulder roast and went back to bed. I slept in ’till 7:15, which is practically unheard of in our house. Shown here is pulled pork barbecue (you may recall my wife gifted me with pulling claws last summer from Pampered Chef) on sweet Hawaiian hamburger bun, big chunky coleslaw and steak fries I cut myself from red potatoes. I prefer finely cut slaw for something like a chili slaw dog but large, chunky pieces if used as a side dish. Of course some it goes right on the bbq samich.

It may not sound like much to you but the number of guests, including first time visitors, has been on the rise lately at Unity Baptist and we had a small crowd of 14 Sunday morning. Pray for our little country church as we pray for ministries everywhere that reach folks with the Gospel.

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