Satur-deja Vu

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Happy 75th Anniversary to former President and First Lady Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter. The top pic was taken on their wedding day. He has suggested that she accepted his proposal only because she liked the uniform. The Carters have been married longer than any first couple in American history. George H.W. Bush and Barbara were married 73 years at the time she passed away, and he followed her a short time later. At age 96 Jimmy Carter is the longest lived president on record and the only one to still be alive 40 years after leaving the White House.

Think you know everything about the Amish? That’s the question Michael Taylor asks in a recent article filled with facts and history about the Amish community. You probably know that the Amish shun modern technology and devices but did you know that some are starting to use electricity? While they prefer homemade remedies and treatments there is no biblical mandate not to take medicine so they will go to a hospital or clinic if necessary. You probably imagine their numbers are small and they can only be found in or near Pennsylvania. That one is actually wrong. Amish communities can be found in 28 states and their total number is estimated at 250,000… and growing. Click here to read the full article via Two Red Dots.

In 2009 the wife and I visited Washington D.C. We had our picture taken standing in front of the Lincoln Memorial with the reflecting pool behind us. I only recently learned that the very next year they dug it all up. The original liner had tears and needed repair, but those could not be made because of the asbestos. The EPA regulations on asbestos require you to either leave it alone or remove it completely, it cannot be disturbed. Between 2010 and 2012 the entire reflection pool was removed, rebuilt, and redesigned so that water could be brought in from the nearby tidal basin instead of using the municipal water supply to fill it and then allow it to stagnate. The Lincoln Memorial was opened in 1922. Lincoln’s only surviving son, 78 year old Robert Todd Lincoln, was in attendance. Below are some pics I collected online. One could easily find more history to read and pictures to view than could be possibly be consumed.

This text appeared larger in my editor. Click on the image to view full size.

I did not grow up Southern Baptist. My childhood was spent in independent, fundamentalist Baptist churches. There were no local associations or state conventions; each church was completely autonomous and the pastor was the highest source of authority. Only after I was grown and married did we join an SBC church. I wasn’t looking to become Southern Baptist, but it so happens that the church we visited a few times at the invitation of a friend from college was an SBC church. It was there I learned about the Baptist Faith & Message, Cooperative Program, Lottie Moon and Annie Armstrong offerings, made my first short-term mission trips and attended the local association annual meeting as a messenger from our church. I believed then as I do now that the Cooperative Program is a better way than each church doing their own thing – or nothing at all – when it comes to missions. I have pastored a small SBC church for nearly seven years and recently attended the annual meeting of the SBC for the first time. The organization is not perfect but in this world what is? I am encouraged by the things we are doing right and the possibilities of all that we could do, regardless of the criticisms you may have heard following that meeting.

The graphic above is from a video detailing the differences between independent Baptist churches and those in the SBC. Click here to watch via YouTube on the Ready to Harvest channel. The information is clear, concise, well researched and I believe highly accurate.

I put together a series of images a couple of weeks ago imagining cars as Bible versions. This condenses everything down to a single image. Bible Gateway is a recent addition.

Do you know about square marshmallows? They are the perfect size and shape for making s’mores.

Lazarus was dead! God uses things that are small, weak and broken. There is no one that cannot do something in his service. Just a little encouragement, maybe something to think about this weekend as your church, like most, struggles during this post-pandemic return to normalcy period.

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