Satur-deja Vu

They’re calling it a one in a million shot but it’s probably more rare than that. Over a million Americans could easily play golf this weekend without this happening to a single one of them. Tomas Gomez was going to make one final drive as thunderstorms approached in San Antonio, TX. Friends and family were able to get this shot on video of his golf ball being struck by lightning in mid-air. This was probably God’s way of saying “All right, y’all head on inside now.” Video here, including an interview.

A dump truck on I-16 in Georgia hit an overpass with the bed raised, moving one of the end of the bridge six feet according to official reports. (It looks more like three or four feet to most of us but I haven’t actually been there to pull a tape.) I commented on one local news channel Facebook page “Have they tried pushing it the other way?” Another commenter asked if I was actually serious. I was not but since he apparently couldn’t tell I doubled down. “I would at least try that first and if it doesn’t work you haven’t lost anything.” Then I started getting flack about how they would find out it didn’t work the first time a truck drove over the bridge and it collapsed. I was told to stick to whatever it is I do. Because you know, civil engineers and state highway inspectors are going to try that because I suggested it in a Facebook post. They have already started demolishing the bridge so they can reopen the interstate. GA 86 will get a new bridge at a later date.

Happy Birthday Sir Patrick Stewart! Best known for his roles in Star Trek and X-Men you may have seen him most recently in Doordash ads with Mark Hamill.

Seeing him and Levar Burton together now that they are old reminded me of this TNG scene from back in 1994 when they were pretending to be.

Look for newly formulated Coca-Cola Zero in stores in August. When Coke Zero first came out over a decade ago it was sweetened with Splenda. I wasn’t too crazy about it but my wife could drink it because it did not contain aspartame. That product was pulled and replaced by Coke Zero Sugar which was sweetened with a blend of Splenda and aspartame. I liked it a little bit better because it tasted more like Diet Coke. What they are trying to do now is make it tasted more like the original Coke classic. Tinkering with the formula is an old familiar play in the Coca-Cola playbook. What could possibly go wrong?

The 2020 Summer Olympics will begin on July 23, 2021 in Tokyo. There were no ceremonies of any kind as athletes began arriving in the Olympic village and there will be no spectators, including family members, at the games. Japan spent three years and nearly $1.5 billion on a new stadium with a seating capacity of 68,000 which will now sit largely empty. Despite the extreme measures taken there has already been one confirmed case of Covid-19 inside the Olympic village.

We’ll take this cobbler to go.

No Yogi story I just wanted to end on a high note. Everything I said about things slowly getting better in this post on Wednesday may be subject to change with the spread of the Delta variant now on the rise in most states. I don’t mind wearing the mask and we are blessed in this country with a gazillion drive throughs… I just can’t take another year of Zoom meetings. I know some people really enjoy those but I’d rather be stuck in Atlanta traffic.

UPDATE: This is the 100th Satur-deja Vu post and I did not realize until I was posting the links to social media. I can still do a special article about Satur-deja Vu turning 100 but it will not actually be the 100th post. Funny that.

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