Satur-deja Vu

Jeopardy is back to looking for a host. Mike Richards, who was just recently announced as the permanent replacement for Alex Trebek, has stepped down after taping only five episodes. Comments that he made on a podcast back in 2013 and 2014 that are both sexist and possibly racist threatened to tarnish the good reputation of the show. He will continue as executive producer; which made his selection suspect in the first place. Imagine if a pastor search committee interview a bunch of folks and then appointed one of themselves. Apparently the producers looked all over and then the executive producer… hired himself. Well now he has cancelled himself, at least as host of the show. Fans are once again voicing their opinions. I thought Ken Jennings was being groomed to host even during Alex’s final season and that was a done deal ipso facto. After a long line of guest hosts Levar Burton, Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings lead the fan based polls. For the time being those five episodes with Mike Richards will air but Jeopardy will begin recording new episodes with guest hosts that are yet to be announced next week. And the search continues.

“That one day delivery ain’t no joke.” An Amazon Prime truck has been making the rounds on social media after being spotted bailing out of an interstate traffic jam in Texas and making his its own exit. Other videos have featured Amazon delivery vans driving through standing water and one route driver delivering packages to homes that had just been hit by a tornado. An Amazon rep says that safety if their highest concern and the video (screenshot) above is not a good example of that. Click here for video and to get that Jeff Bezos TikTok song stuck in your head.

Look at this photo frame. Every time I do it makes me laugh. While some of us are sharing memes Ben Blackwell is burning them into wood with lazers and making custom photo frames. Click this link for Blackwell Custom Woodworks to order these and check out other custom creations. He can put a spaceship (such as the Millennium Falcon or NCC-1701 Enterprise) into a glass bottle.

This is one of those claims I thought would be really cool if it were true but I decided to look into it first. The entire draft of the novel was not rejected but Tolkien’s editor did mark it for correction. But did J.R.R. Tolkien write the Oxford English Dictionary? The original OED was published as a series of fascicles from 1884 until 1928 when a fully bound edition was finally published. There were a handful of editors over the years and while Tolkien was never an editor he was employed by OED from 1920 – 1921 to research the etymology of entries from Waggle to Warlock. There is a forward in The Lord of the Rings that clarifies dwarves is not the properly accepted plural form according to the dictionary. It does seem like it should be, imho. Let’s give credit where credit is due. That was a sick burn Tolkien.

Baptistry or baptistery? I was part of an online discussion recently that just about had me convinced I had been spelling this wrong, possibly saying the word wrong, for years. There is a Wikipedia entry for baptistery but it does offer baptistry as an alternate. According to Merriam-Webster, baptistry is the traditional and correct/preferred spelling while baptistery is the old form and not a new variant. Both forms of the word are currently in use and not all dictionaries handle it the same way.

Note: If you Google “Christian baptism” you will see dozens of images of babies being sprinkled before you get to any pics of adult baptism. There are other types of baptismal pools, some of them outdoors, besides the modern baptistry that is built into the church sanctuary. What’s shown here is what I grew up with so this looks normal to me. I am a Baptist Church pastor and have performed this religious ritual so you would think I could pronounce it and spell it correctly. Which I do… they just had me briefly questioning that fact. Sorry about turning this post into an English lesson by the way.

Final Thought: I am not ignoring Afghanistan. The Satur-deja Vu is a collection of things that I find interesting each week that some of you might have seen or might have missed. I haven’t written anything about Afghanistan for the same reason I don’t blog about Covid-19: there is no way you missed these stories. They are online, on television and on the radio 24/7. I have had some friends in real life ask me what is going on, possibly because there is too much information to process. So let me try to briefly summarize. After the events of September 11, 2001 we went into Afghanistan to dismantle the Taliban and create a democratic government. The Taliban, including its front man Osama bin Laden, was a monster we helped create. Back in the 1980’s the Soviet Union tried to take over Afghanistan and a civil war ensued. We funded the Taliban because they were fighting communism. When the Soviet Union collapsed there was no further need to support the Taliban… so we stopped. They held something of a grudge and perhaps rightly so. At first the United States made great strides in hunting down and apprehending Taliban leaders, including bin Laden during the Obama administration. A new government was set up and our military began training an Afghan army. After 20 years the decision was made to pull American forces out. Over the past two decades the Taliban has had time to regroup and no one was prepared for how quickly they retook the capital city and most of the country. Joe Biden expressed his disappointment that many Afghans we trained and equipped either gave up or ran away without even trying to fight. Since withdrawing a month ago, there are now more US troops in Afghanistan than there were before as they try to evacuate American citizens and those Afghans who assisted us as allies. If Christian missionaries are unable to leave they will probably be put to death. Some have vowed to continue the underground churches, knowing it will mean certain death, rather than flee.

Pray for Christians in Afghanistan. Pray for Americans and our allies as they try to get out of Afghanistan. We fought a 20 year war that we were never going to win. This was always going to happen sooner or later, the only argument is over how our withdrawal was handled. That’s as brief as I could be.

3 thoughts on “Satur-deja Vu

  1. I lost friends on 9/11/01. I can’t believe that Biden did this. Being from NY/NJ it is a very hard thing to watch. Biden should be impeached.

  2. Forward vs. foreword – I’m going to leave the spelling in the post the way it is so that newlifenarrabi’s comment about irony makes sense. Tolkien was a published author with an editor who wrote the dictionary. This is a blog and it’s just me here.

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