Satur-deja Vu

Disaster relief leads to salvation. Let’s start off with some good news, that ought to be a welcome change of pace. Natural disasters often bring destruction of property and sometimes loss of life but they present opportunities for the church to step up and act like God’s children. Disaster relief is a real world application of putting others’ needs before our own and doing things for the least of these, expecting nothing in return. Click here to read the Christian Index story shown above.

How’s that again? We’ll link the actually story and let you read it but most people will not click any links to anything, so here’s a summary. A man walked into a Pennsylvania convenience store that was advertising 20 oz. bottles of Mt. Dew 2 for $3. Figuring that meant they were a buck and half each he picked up one drink, dropped $2 on the counter, and walked out. But a single bottle would have been rung up at the regular price of $2.29 plus tax. The store clerk called the police – called the police – and reported that a man later identified as Joseph Sloboski had underpaid for his retail purchase by 43 cents. I think the 911 dispatcher should have said “I’m sorry to hear about that” and hung up but they didn’t ask me what I think. Sloboski was found and arrested – arrested – over the matter of 43 cents and because of Pennsylvania’s three strikes policy was charged with a felony. His previous offenses were driving off without paying for gas and taking a $39 pair of shoes from K-Mart. These things are crimes, I will not argue with that. But to now go to jail with a $50,000 cash only bond and face seven years in prison for a theft valued at less than 50 cents… And again, the advertised price was 2/$3. Sloboski thought he overpaid and was leaving without his change. It’s good to know we have invested our resources in getting these criminals off the street. (That last sentence was sarcasm, just in case that slipped by anyone.)

Matt Amodio has passed the $1 million mark after 28 consecutive wins on Jeopardy. He has seen four or five different hosts since his winning streak began at the end of July. Jeopardy James lost after 32 wins in a row, a record now in striking distance for Matt. Ken Jennings’s record is not in jeopardy yet (see what I did there?). He amassed over $3 million in winnings during his 74 day streak back in 2004.

One trillion seconds is over 31,000 years. So when they say things on the news like “3 1/2 trillion dollar spending bill” if one dollar equals one second of time, we are looking at over 100 centuries. Which is how long it would take America to get out of debt if we started paying it off tomorrow.

No, you are not a burger. You are 200 lbs. of ground beef or the equivalent of 800 1/4 lb. hamburger patties plus another 220 lbs. of steaks, roasts, ribs, tenderloin and brisket.

We are a quarter of the way through college football season and at the same time the regular MLB season is wrapping up. The Alabama Crimson Tide just barely managed to handle the 11 ranked Florida Gators last week so I would argue that Georgia, with three wins against teams with previous winning records, is currently the best team in college football. Most of the MLB playoffs are fairly decided but the Braves and Phillies are in a close battle to the very end in the National League Eastern Division. While the Braves hold a narrow game and a half lead based on their season record, they have evenly split their last 10 games with 5 wins and 5 lossed while the Phillies are surging 8 – 2. They will play each other three times next week with only a handful of games left in the regular season.

You are entitled to your opinion, this article expresses mine pretty well.

Well I’ve got a busy day ahead. Starting with a men’s group prayer breakfast, then I’ll catch as much of the GA Bulldogs game as I can this afternoon with a local BBQ competition and festival taking place in my hometown. The Braves play tonight at 7:05, I might need a late afternoon nap.

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