Satur-deja Vu

Apple Cider Donuts are a cake type of donut with a pretty soft texture. Oreo’s have a crunchy cookie on either side but it’s crazy how much these things taste like apple cider donuts. This was an impulse buy. Fall doesn’t last long, do something wacky.

First Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama, was attacked by arsonists early Thursday morning. Fires were set in several areas according to pastor Mark Bethea. A few pews and carpeting were burned in the sanctuary and the entire reception area was destroyed but first responders arrived quickly and potential disaster was avoided. First Baptist has been at work in downtown Montgomery for 192 years and they plan to meet on Sunday morning. Read this entire story via The Christian Index.

Dog the Bounty Hunter has joined the search for Brian Laundrie. Duane Chapman, the 68 year old made famous by his reality t.v. series, found a fresh campsite on an island near Fort De Soto Park in Florida but says there is no evidence to suggest he is still in the immediate area. My wife did not believe me when I told this was happening, not because she thinks I’m a liar but you know sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction.

The only possible reason he could have for asking is that he’s been eating the strawberry leaves and hoping he can find other people that do it too. If other people are doing it then it can’t be that weird. Now I say it is that weird but feel free to chime in below in the comments if you eat the small strawberry salad.

A man’s age is directly proportional to how high he wears his pants.

He thought he got a good deal on some Sharpie’s. Look again. That’s a Skerpie.

Mick Jagger hung out at a bar in Charlotte, NC, this week and nobody seemed to notice. It is possible someone saw him and thought “This guy thinks he’s Mick Jagger.” Others have suggested a person looking like Jagger would fit right in at that particular dive.

It was a different time. Imagine the phone calls today. The emails. Imagine the therapy kids today would need for the “trauma.”

We don’t really wash our hands. They wash each other and we just kind of stand there and watch.

McRib is back November 1st. Arby’s replied to this tweet by saying they don’t have a processed rib meat patty that had been reconstructed to look like ribs but they do have real meat in their rib sandwich. Does Arby’s have an online tracker to help fans of their sandwich find them? Does their rib sandwich have fans? The honest truth is that I very seldom eat at McDonald’s these days. During the limited-time-only they offer McRib I try to get in there at least twice, maybe three times. No amount of describing to me how much you hate this thing is going to persuade me not to buy one. There is possibly no menu item at any nationwide chain that draws people out to voice their hated like McRib. And despite that fact McD’s will sell thousands of them each day, sometimes running out at various locations, until the campaign is over. Maybe it’s true that there is no bad press and that controversy draws attention that no amount of advertising could buy.

What do you see? A bird flying in front of a colorful sunset? Or a bunny making an epic ski jump. Once seen cannot be unseen.

The Atlanta Braves clinched their division title after a clean sweep of the second place Phillies Thursday night. Their postseason begins in a few days against the Brewers (whom they have never faced in postseason play). This is the best looking Braves team I think we’ve seen in a while. I would feel good about their chances versus any of the American League teams that could go to the World Series. Between the Braves and another World Series attempt, however, are two of the best teams in baseball out on the west coast. The San Francisco Giants and the L.A. Dodgers each have over 100 wins this season. No team in the American League has that distinction. We saw just recently that the Braves can beat the Giants one game out of three, which won’t be enough to win the Pennant. Whatever happens will be exciting. The Braves don’t always win but they always give you a finish. Or heart failure, whichever.

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