Satur-deja Vu

This was our forecast as we we went to bed last night. There is nothing like 2 to 4 inches out there this morning but there is some on the grass and car windshields. The wind is potentially dangerous and we expect a low temp around 15 degrees tonight. Friends in Kentucky were getting legit snow overnight and up the east coast may get substantial snowfall amounts still. Spring starts next week, according to the calendar, but I have seen enough snow to close schools as late as April 3rd.

Baseball is back! The MLB lockout ended after 99 days and even though opening day is pushed back to April 7th we will get a full 162 games season. Shown above are some of the new rules that will apply not this season but beginning in 2023. It looks like they are making it tougher to play defense in order to get more runners on and potentially lead to higher scoring games. But if the pitch timer is meant to make games shorter, putting more men on base will lengthen innings. The two effects may cancel each other out.

Emilio Delgado, better known as Luis on Sesame Street, has passed at the age of 81. He played Luis for 45 years but has also made several one off appearances on shows like Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

This is a real headline however… giant in terms of spiders means up to 4 inches. And while they are venomous it would be almost impossible for one to bite a human. They simply cannot pierce your skin with their fangs. These spiders are already in the southeastern United States but they are unlikely to spread very far north. They came here from warm climates in Asia and cannot tolerate a deep freeze. One expert said he doesn’t expect to see these migrate any further up the east coast than North Carolina. So yes, big scary headline, but no danger to people or pets.

I didn’t want to be pedantic when I saw this on Facebook so I just kept scrolling. I will go ahead and be pedantic here. It did not rain for the entire trip. It rained for 40 days and nights and the Bible says the fountains of the deep were broken up. It took a long time for those floodwater to subside. The people and animals on board the ark sailed for right at one year. It actually gets more involved than we are going to here but 370 and 377 days are prevailing schools of thought while an argument could be made the flood lasted one year minus one day. But it did not rain the entire trip. There were no ports of call, no souvenirs to bring back, the ark did not have a pool, there were probably things to complain about but look on the bright side: it beats dying in the flood.

I like to throw something history related in each week but hopefully it’s history you find interesting. Last week it was the world’s first selfie and this week it’s these two women, sisters, that motorcycled across the continental U.S. Did you notice the last line? They were arrested numerous times for wearing men’s clothes. Safety first. Motorcyclists know you dress for the slide, not the ride. Apparently there were no other biker chicks for them to dress like in 1916.

New product alert: Cola-Cola Starlight is a new edition available for a limited time. Look closely at the image of the 12 oz. can:

It’s space flavored! Hey, unless you know what space actually tastes like you cannot argue with them. That’s genius level marketing right there.

McDonald’s declares Russia a No Fry Zone.

March 14th, 3/14 in the US, is National Pi Day. I will be eating my pie at 1:59 PM but you celebrate as you see fit.

Finally, we want to give a shoutout to Donald McKenzie, Brothers Campfire and the Alchemist for coming back week after week and clicking the like button. Likes and comments from other bloggers are hard to come by these days. You guys keep the ship afloat.

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