Satur-deja Vu

Duck Tales – This is a family of ducks the child and I watched Wednesday morning on our walk. Click here for a short video (18 seconds) of the babies looking for their mother and then click here for video of them climbing out of the water. Yes it’s been hot lately but you can get in a good walk at 8 AM before the temps get out of hand. Friday morning and again this morning I’m taking advantage of that time slot to trim hedge bushes. No ducks but we did have a random chicken a couple of years ago at the church. She just walked around the front yard and ran into the bushes if anyone got close.

The Hot Rod was a gas powered pogo stick available for one year during the 1960’s. The single cylinder engine is built into the pogo stick design. As your weight comes down and the spring is compressed, you are also compressing a gasoline air mixture above the engine’s tiny piston which ignites and propels the pogo stick – and rider – back up. Click here to watch The Backyard Scientist take one for a test drive. It’s rough on the ankles, as one might imagine. My wife thinks I watch some weird stuff but this is why the internet was invented.

Dale Irby, a gym teacher in Dallas, Texas, posed for his first yearbook picture in 1973. The next year he accidentally wore the same outfit on picture day. His wife encouraged him to keep it going and so he wore the same outfit on school picture day for 40 consecutive years!

Did people used to look older? Why do many people’s face seem to match their given name? Dale Irby’s story is just part of this video that answers these questions and more. Yes, I do watch weird stuff but if you watch too you might learn something. There’s more to life than watching cats push stuff off desks and tables.

Shark Week begins July 24th on Discovery. They probably will not have tasselled wobbegong but I looked them up and yes, those are real. They are the only species in their genus of carpet shark and live in the shallow reefs near Australia and New Guinea. There is nothing but strange creatures and the stuff of nightmares in the ocean. I am convinced we are not meant to go down there.

With Elvis currently playing in theaters there has been renewed interest of late in his life and music. Did you know that Elvis was naturally blonde? His hair had darkened to a light brown by the time he became a young adult but he dyed it black for his second movie after being impressed with the way Tony Curtis looked on the big screen. Elvis thought it made his facial features show up better and continued to dye his hair for the rest of his life. Here’s another fun fact: I recently heard the original lyrics to One Night with You. Loving You was the 1957 movie featuring One Night with You along with Teddy Bear and others. But the original title was One Night of Sin. “One night of sin is what I’m now paying for” was changed to “one night with you is what I’m now praying for” to satisfy the censors. Old people today were teenagers in the 50’s. Elvis had a strained relationship at times with parents, tv producers, censors and other responsible adults of the day.

You probably best know Deep Roy for playing all 157 Oompa Loompas in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Yoda was famously brought to life by puppeteer and voice actor Frank Oz. But in perspective establishing shots that’s Deep Roy in costume in the 1980 Star Wars film The Empire Strikes Back. At 4’4″ inches tall he walked on his knees to more closely approximate Yoda’s height of 2’2″. Born in Nairobi as Mohinder Purba it was a London talent agent that gave him the name Deep Roy saying it would look “short and sweet” in film credits.

We have baby birds. This picture is about a week old already. They are now covered in feathers and spend most of their time with mouths open. They don’t make a lot of noise, they just sit in the nest with their mouths open and moma bird frequently feeds them. This nest is at eye level sitting on top of our upright freezer on the carport. We were all startled several times as she took flight each time we came or went but she got used to us and quit panicking every single time we opened the kitchen door.

I’m looking through a full page magnifier. The kid thinks it just looks like I’m holding a photograph of my face in front of my face. That would be ridiculous.

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