Satur-deja Vu

I know what you’re thinking. That’s a Happy Monday post. Most any given week you would be right. This week’s Happy Monday was hard to put together. There just wasn’t enough stuff in the folder. Oddly enough there were Bible verses and quotes but a lack of funny bits. So this week we have gone overboard and have enough material for three Monday posts. I also drink coffee on Saturday; I’m headed to a men’s prayer breakfast shortly. Sometimes the Saturday posts are a little thin on churchy sort of things. What could be more churchy than a nuclear family walking out of a church in the 1950’s? The dad is wearing a suit and a hat, I mean come on. Coffee, church family, just a hint of sacrilege, but they’re not wrong.

In the first place, I am getting ready for fall but it’s not like I have any other choice. These things are nice but it means that shorts and sandals, pool parties, cookouts and baseball games are almost over. And after fall comes winter. The leaves turn beautiful colors before they fall to the ground and die, so at best it’s a mixed blessing.

Secondly, what is a bonefire?

While we’re on the subject of fall, I think this is an excellent idea. Caramel apples are a traditional fall treat but are cumbersome at best. Apples and apple cider, hot or cold, is the official flavor of autumn, not pumpkin spice. Follow me for more recipe ideas.

Good news (if you live in Georgia). For the first time since October 12, 2021 there are no drought or pre-drought conditions across the state.

That’s my nephew Connor but that’s not important right now. Look at the double rainbow right behind him. Our daughter Johannah finally got to have a swim party a week late for her birthday. Lots of cousins and Girl Scouts turned out on a day with questionable weather for swimming. The day ended with a spectacular downpour, complete with thunder and lightning, finished off by a vividly clear rainbow we could see both ends of and a faint reflection on the outside of that. If you look closely you can see the colors are reversed in the reflection. There’s something you don’t see every day.

I only recently found out about the Green Eggs and Ham animated series on Netflix. Season one has 13 episodes we binged watched earlier this week, there is a 10 ep. season two that I haven’t seen yet. Michael Douglas voices Guy, that was unexpected. I know that lots of folks have bailed out on Netflix, and I know that I said we would cancel after Stranger Things and not pay their new exorbitant rates. I wouldn’t sign up just for this show but If you still have Netflix for whatever reason Green Eggs and Ham was a pleasant surprise. It’s clever with a lot of nods to other Dr. Seuss titles.

This car came in to a shop to have a fog light replaced. The driver wanted the techs to check for any other damage after hitting a turkey. Hit a turkey huh? Yeah, I can see that.

Sometimes these images are passed off as before and after shots. Please, please tell me you can tell that bottom pic is so much photoshop. The shadows are not right and it doesn’t quite look like it’s actually sitting on that parking lot. The surface of the parking lot itself seems a bit off. The lines are perfect and the surface has no variations at all. The bottom picture is fake but it’s tough to win a debate on social media because, well… you know how in elementary school every class had that one kid that ate paste? That could be who you are arguing with. Some folks just can’t be confused with the facts. Fortunately, at length, I was above to find this:

This car hauler with 4 Chevy’s sat outside for about 40 years before moving to its new permanent home at the Keystone Truck and Tractor Museum in Virginia. There are about 185 tractors, 100 trucks, two dozen classic cars in addition to 10 fire trucks and a few motorcycles at the museum located about 20 minutes south of Richmond. If you Google the museum and search for images you can see multiple pics of this rig from different angles. Now that I know where it is perhaps we can get there in person someday.

College Football is about to start up. Let’s talk about Chris Doering for a second and his predictions for the UK Wildcats this season. He imagines an 11 – 1 season record with a single loss to Tennessee. 11 wins, including defending national champs UGA and Ole Miss, the only ranked teams on their schedule going in. But let’s throw in one loss for the sake of humility and make it to, I don’t know, Tennessee. My Kentucky friends that responded to my Facebook post found this prediction ambitious. Preseason is a fun time when anything is possible and every team is undefeated. I would kind of like to start a pool based on how many weeks this lasts.

If you missed Thursday’s iMonk Radio post be sure to check it out. I wrote a short bit about the end of era, again, as that was our last Thursday post. Everything in my archive has been posted over these past two years.

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