Satur-deja Vu

Apples in season – As soon as the Satur-deja Vu was published last week my family packed up and headed to Blue Ridge, GA. The weather forecast called for only a 60% chance of thunderstorms that day as opposed to 80% on Sunday and Monday. Labor Day weekend was the first “U-Pick” event at Mercier Orchards and we definitely made the right call. Apple/ apple cinnamon is the official flavor of fall in our home, not pumpkin spice, and we came home with a peck. That’s approximately 2.2 gallons.

Then on Tuesday Teresa and I celebrated our 25th anniversary. September 6th, 1997, was the same day as Princess Diana’s funeral. Mother Teresa passed away the same day as well. We were married 12 years before our daughter Johannah was born. Other couples our age have children that are grown and some have grandchildren. My younger brother became Grandpa Bunch earlier this year at the age of 40. I’m happy where we are.

This is probably news that no one missed and will continue to flood the airwaves for days to come. Maybe the official statement from Buckingham Palace is not something you have already seen. I did not think Charles would ever be king but he comes to the throne at the age of 72. I kind of get why the British are so fascinated by the monarchy but sometimes I wonder why Americans are enthralled by every bit of news and gossip. What they have that we don’t is separate heads of government and state. One could hate the Prime Minister and deride the government and still love the queen while remaining loyal to country. At any given time the American President is hated by 50% of the people he represents.

The American Pastime is steeped in tradition but does change over time. It wasn’t that long ago that Marvin Miller helped end the reserve system which basically tied a player to a team for life. The changes to the intentional walk rules caused some controversy back in 2017 but makes a lot of sense from a practical point of view. The shortened 2020 season convinced me and apparently a lot of people that it was time for the National League to adopt the designated hitter. Next year’s pitch timer in Major League Baseball will be the biggest change in some time. “The shift” is kinda new so eliminating it won’t be that big a deal, imho. Batters could have adjusted and taken advantage of shift patterns and it would have gone away on its own, but now that’s neither here nor there. Bigger bases is not probably not going to be as dramatic as some fans imagine. Each bag is not going to be 3″ wider; the area will increase by three square inches across the entire surface.

The Walmart website, much like Amazon, is populated by third party vendors that are not vetted by Walmart or anyone else. The 30 terabyte hard drive shown above, suspiciously priced at only $17.99, was removed after Motherboard called them out. The device was programmed to make it look like you had 30 TB of storage space but that was just part of the scam.

Just why? I was in a slow moving checking line and noticed they had Donald Duck orange juice in single serve plastic bottles. Popeye Spinach makes sense but I have always wondered why Donald Duck is a brand of orange juice. As the slow moving line was actually at a complete stop, I went ahead an Googled it right there in Dollar Tree. Here is the Wikipedia entry but I’ll summarize. Donald Duck has been hacking orange juice for Florida’s Natural Growers (previously Citrus World and before that Florida Citrus Canners) since 1940. The funny thing is that even though Lake Wales, where Donald Duck OJ is packaged, is only 54 miles from Orlando construction for the new Disney World theme park did not begin until 1965. Walt Disney himself passed away in 1966 and never saw his vision for the Florida park realized. But Donald Duck orange juice has been in Florida much longer.

Elvis is still playing in some theaters and also streaming on HBO Max. This movie lived up to its trailer and the portrayal of the real life personalities in remarkable. It’s possible to forget you are not watching the real Elvis perform but even characters with little screen time like Hank Snow and Little Richard are spot on. Tom Hanks is in Elvis and Pinnochio, which just dropped on Disney+, but Colonel Tom Parker is more like Stromboli than Gepetto. If you know you know.

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