The Master's Table

I was looking at De Vinci’s portrait of the Last Supper one day thinking “What would it have been like to sit at that table with Jesus?” In a sense, that’s what we’re all doing. We are the little children that came to Christ in simple faith, and he welcomed with open arms. We are like – or could be like – the disciples sitting around the table with Jesus, listening to his stories and learning about God. I invite you to come; sit at the Master’s Table.

The purpose of The Master’s Table is to promote the centrality of Christ in the scriptures. In the Last Supper, Jesus is in the center. In our lives, churches, Bible study, witnessing, blogging, etc. Jesus Christ should be at the center. The gospel message is the most important thing the world needs to hear above everything else that Christians have to say, and I want to encourage and exhort fellow believers to spread the Word.

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18 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Clark, I got your comment on my blog just recently. I was putting TCS on a sort of indefinite hiatus, and I have been writing more on my Facebook account. I may or may not get back on TCS; I haven’t made up my mind. Thanks for the comments though!

  2. Amen.

    The Lord Jesus Christ is and will always be the centre of Heaven and his Church. Your comments have promted my spirit to be still and filled with all the glory of God in Christ and to breath in just some of His amazing blessings and the good things from His word.

    The Father of our Lord Jesus Christ bless you


  3. Dear masters table,
    I enjoy your website and blog. I am having a book about to be published (Awaken to Healing Fragrance) with a chapter on Jesus and women. I like the painting you have up on Jesus and the woman at the well. Could you give me the painter’s name, country, date etc. and permission to use the image with my chapter on Jesus?
    The book will be distributed by Random House in March 2010. I could mention your website as the source. Please let me know ASAP.
    Thank you,
    Elizabeth Jones

  4. Clark,

    You are doing a great job with your blog. I will be following you for inspiration.

    “Lov’n the Lord & Liv’n the Life…”

  5. Hi Clark, Thanks for the listings, I appreciate it!
    It does not matter how many times you have posted here, (Not Enough Hours in the Day) although honestly I do share that frustration…what matters is the quality of what you DO post. Your posts are insightful and well written. Keep up the good work my friend!


  6. I will plug One Cry in the next Read and Share file, but it’s pretty thin right now and I can’t say when it will publish; within the week for sure.

  7. Loved reading your blog. You got me thinking about setting at that table with Jesus. Although I’ve wondered if those guys truly were able to appreciate the gravity of the situation. That they were chosen, specifically, personally, by the Creator to begin spreading His Word. What an awe inspiring thought!

  8. Like a lot of things, I think the Apostles understood later. Three times Jesus told them he would be killed and resurrected, but they never really understood until afterwards. Their level of understanding jumped up dramatically by the Day of Pentecost (Acts chp 2).

    Thanks for participating. 😀

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