Happy Monday

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I can relate. Anybody else been there? Hopefully not this morning.

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Happy Monday

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Kevin & Taylor is a morning radio show on Atlanta’s 104.7 The Fish. CJ and Joy are afternoon hosts on Way FM. Both have really stepped up their game on Facebook so they do for my weekdays what I try to do for others on Monday mornings. We’re all in this together. This is Happy Monday #344. Continue reading

Happy Monday


September 29th each year is National Coffee Day. Did you get your free cup or other incentive yesterday? Sunday morning church and coffee often go hand in hand and around here coffee gets respect and appreciation every day of the year. We once had a special coffee drinker’s edition of Happy Monday.

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Happy Monday

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Okay, not everybody watches college football and UGA fans are probably limited to the southeastern United States. But stay with me a minute: ESPN Game Day was in Athens Saturday for the cross conference Notre Dame Fighting Irish vs. Georgia Bulldogs game. A Georgia fan brought a picture of Martin Luther. Someone was awake in history class.

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Happy Monday

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Happy Labor Day! Some of you have to work, others have a 3 or even 4 day weekend. We decided a long time ago that we would run Happy Monday every week on Monday and it you need a little something extra on Tuesday morning there’s 7 years worth of posts now in the archives. So with no further ado…

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