Happy Monday

When Monday comes at you like

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We’ve got you covered. This is Happy Monday #302. Continue reading


Happy Monday

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Some folks got nothing but rain (and perhaps flash flooding and damage from high winds) while others got more snow than they can handle. If you live in the Goldie Locks zone you are stuck at home today and still have electricity. Perfect conditions for a Happy Monday, imho. This is Happy Monday #301. Continue reading

Happy Monday

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Found any Black Friday deals? No kidding, the shopping season has begun. I won’t repeat everything said last week about finding time to give thanks and to worship between now and Christmas but you should enjoy the season not merely tolerate it or wish it was over. Do only as much as makes you happy. So pour another cup and let’s get our Monday on! This is Happy Monday #297. Continue reading

Happy Monday

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Halloween is over, Daylight Savings Time is over, it’s time to turn the page. We are entering the most wonderful busiest time of year. Schedule some down time if you need to. Don’t hurry up and give thanks, be still and know that he is God. Between now and Christmas find time to worship. He is the Prince of Peace, not the King of holiday stress nor the Lord of hustle yourself to death. Here’s your Happy Monday (#296). Continue reading

Happy Monday

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Halloween image or graphic design fail? Props to Paul Wilkinson either way. Take note: this will be a kid friendly, Halloween is part of our culture that doesn’t really give glory and honor to Satan edition of Spooky Monday. If you have strong religious convictions about not taking part in that sort of thing… maybe just come back next week. This is Happy Monday #295. Continue reading