Happy Monday

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Yes it’s Monday but it’s Monday of Holy Week. If you don’t have activities planned for each day this week you surely have a busy weekend coming up and at least one really big thing to look forward to. So here we are, off like a herd of turtles. This is Happy Monday #319. Continue reading


Happy Monday

coffee time

I think that’s one we made. You may have seen it before but it’s been three years. I wouldn’t have remembered either if not for Facebook memories. At any rate… Welcome to Happy Monday, this is post #318. Continue reading

Happy Monday

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Saint Patrick is not an officially canonized saint, his real name was Maewyn Succat, he wasn’t even Irish and driving the snakes out of Ireland is just a metaphor. He was in fact a Christian missionary who spent most of his adult life sharing the Gospel with pagans. That’s no reason to dye the Chicago River bright green but if you’ve ever hidden Easter eggs you know how holidays and their traditions are. This is Happy Monday #315. Continue reading