Happy Monday

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Hopefully Valentine’s Day offered something for everyone. The store shelves and card sections have already been restocked for St. Patrick’s Day and Easter so those are coming up. How about you this morning, are you up and coming? Stretch, carefully, and have that first cup of coffee. Let’s make this Happy Monday #311.


Psalm 14 1

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Have a Happy Monday!



Happy Monday

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Yes, he really said that. (He may have said hardships instead of difficulties. I actually found both statements when doing the research. Yes, I did research). At a time when preachers didn’t tell jokes in the pulpit Spurgeon’s sense of humor had a way of coming through. On that topic he said that he would rather see people laugh than asleep in the house of God. We’re sure if Chuck had internet he would be a fan of Happy Monday.

This is Happy Monday #310. Continue reading