Happy Monday

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Some of you may have seen this image, or a cropped version of it, last week on the Facebook or Twitter links. This is how the full image should appear so here is the full size original. Scriptures, quotes, comics, pics, coffee and Jesus. And yes, I’m a big boy.

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Happy Monday

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That’s a real sign on I-25 in Colorado. Thought about re-writing some Old Town Road lyrics; it would not have been that funny, some people wouldn’t get it, others would get it and be angry. So there you go. Baptist Road, make your own jokes at home.

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Happy Monday

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So if you’re an internet user (and there is no print version of Happy Monday that comes in a mailer) you’ve probably heard about a movement to storm Area 51. “They can’t stop all of us.” Some ridiculous number of people around 600,000 or so have signed up to storm Area 51… at 3 am on Friday, September 20th. Even if there were something to see at Area 51, posting the date and time of a raid to social media might tip their hand.

The truth is out there. 

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