Happy Monday

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Top off that coffee, sharpen those pencils, fill in those Form 1040 line items. You got another day, here, look at Happy Monday first. Then you’ll be in a good mood to render unto Caesar. Tax tip: do not fill in zero’s with smiley faces.

*Tax forms are not standardized tests. It has come to our attention they should not be filled out in pencil. You can still sharpen your pencils, but then put them away and use blue or black ink.

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Let’s end with a puzzle of sorts. It took me a minute to figure this one out. I’ll get you started, just fill in the blank. 

This pun is  _____________________________________ .

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Happy Monday! 



Happy Monday

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Nothing like starting Monday on a bad pun, am I right? There’s some real Bible verses below, and other fun stuff. Have another cup of coffee. Tell your boss/spouse/doctor Van Til said it was okay. Continue reading

Happy Monday

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This is Holy Week or perhaps known to you as Passion Week, depending on what circles you run in. Whether you’re a liturgical Christian that has some type of worship daily or a CEO (Christmas, Easter Only) the week ahead is full of opportunity. And we’re going to help you get off on the good foot this Monday morning as always. BTW, I think that display would be a little holier if those were Coca-Cola products but props to whoever put in the time and effort. Continue reading