Bible Survey: Abraham, Man of Faith

The Bible Survey project took something of a hiatus when my daughter Johannah was born.  The few posts that exist continue to attract page views, presumably through search engine results for the key words.  Ridden with guilt about never getting past Gen 11, I am ready to pick up the torch.

Abraham is the first man of faith we encounter in the Bible.  At Gen 15, a significant event takes place in the relationship between God and man.  It is neither obedience nor sacrifice that makes Abraham right with God; it is what he believes about God that counts as righteousness.  Join me at Bible Survey to continue the journey.


Bible Survey: Tower of Babel

bible-pagesI haven’t posted to Bible Survey in over a month.  I thought it would take a while to get through the Bible, at this rate it will take forever and ever.  I hope there’s Internet access in Heaven. 

The Tower of Babel story creates more questions for some than it answers.  Is the story literal, or just of way of simplifying things?  Why does Genesis 10 talk about nations and languages, and then chp. 11 says that all people were of one language?  Can we prove the Bible is true?  Join me at Bible Survey to explore these and other and issues.

Bible Survey, The Flood

bible-pagesWhen I set out to begin Bible Survey, I said that it would not be a verse by verse commentary on the entire Bible.  Well, the problem is that I was doing almost exactly that.  I’m working on it.

The Flood, Gen. 6-8  is now available.  I invite you to join this journey through the Bible, and welcome an open discussion in the comments.  Did the flood really happen, was it a global or local event, how did Noah get all the animals on the ark?  Did the ark look like a boat, or is the “shoe box” design more accurate?  Hit me.

Bible Survey: Cain and Abel, Genesis 4

bible-pagesWas it sin for Cain to offer fruits and vegetables instead of an animal sacrifice like his brother Abel?  I do not believe it was.  Cain later revealed the evil that was in his heart by committing a long list of offenses, including but not limited to, killing his brother in a fit of jealousy.  Read the rest of the story at Biblical Survey, Cain and Abel.

Bible Survey – The Fall

bible-pagesThe next installment of Bible Survey has been posted.  The Fall recounts the events of Gen. 2:4 – 3:24, and offers plenty of food for thought.  I’m sure you will wonder why some things were left out.  These posts are so long as it is, even though there were other things I would have liked to have said.  Perhaps it will happen in the comment thread as people respond or ask questions.  I think there are 3 points of interest that could spark debate:

  1. I definitely take the view that man has free will, and plainly deny predestination in my explanation of original sin.
  2. Marriage is defined as being between one man and one woman; at least, marriage that honors God as it was given by God.
  3. Genesis 3:15 is the first hint at the announcement of the Gospel.  The notion of Jesus appears as early as the third chapter of the Bible.  God knew even then what he was doing, and Moses writes it down without having a clue.

Link to The Fall at Bible Survey.

Bible Survey, Creation Week

bible-pagesIt’s done!  The much awaited first installment of Bible Survey, Creation Week, is now online.

The first 12 chapters of Genesis cover a period of centuries, and present us with some major events from early history.  The Gen. 1 post is lengthy, and this looks like it may be a slow go for a few posts.  After we meet Abraham in Gen. 12, we should be able to take wings and fly.  Here is an excerpt:

God is all-powerful, and created all that exist from nothing, confirmed by Heb. 11:3  and Rev. 4:11.  Critics might argue that Hebrew is an ancient, difficult language, and that no original copies survive due to the passage of time.  Many times, however, the truths of the Old Testament are quoted, illustrated, or otherwise affirmed by the authors of the New Testament.  Their writings are more recent, plentiful, and easier translated from Greek and/or Aramaic.  That God created the universe and all that is in it is one of those fundamental truths.

Read Creation Week at Bible Survey.

Bible Survey, Intro. to Genesis

bible-pagesThe Master’s Table survey of the Bible is up and running at last.  Bible survey posts are located at their own unique URL,  The first (and only at this moment) post is an introduction to Genesis.  The next post, Creation Week Gen. 1:1 – 2:3, will be up in a couple of days.