Happy Monday


Why Happy Monday? It’s been a while since we answered that question. Because “Happy Friday” or “Happy Saturday” is like shooting fish in a barrel. Those are basically given. Mondays are tough for most people and Christians have just had a day of worship, communing with fellow believers and with the Holy Trinity. Monday is about leaving the sanctuary and entering the mission field; and the mission field has traffic, kids that can’t find but one shoe, printers that jam, spilled coffee… Spilled coffee is the adult equivalent of dropping an ice cream cone.

We can’t make it not Monday. So here’s a dose of scripture, quotes, memes and cute animals so you can seize the day or, at the very least, smile while you look for the other shoe. This is Happy Monday #359.

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Happy Monday

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Verses of scripture, inspiring quotations, comics, funny pics, cute animals; it’s what we do here. Pour another cup of Joe and hunker down. This is Happy Monday #358.  Continue reading