iMonk Radio Podcast #161

Intro: Spiritual pilgrimage for Chicago pizza; Polish style chess set; Abraham Piper surveyed his audience to see what blogs they read; Ken Ham State of the Nation (the Ken Ham post exists in the iMonk archives but none of the videos work); this Eric Dudley video does play and will give you further insight into what Michael talks about on the podcast. Q&A #1: If God knows everything about our lives why would he create people that he knows will ignore him and go to hell?

Message: Question #2: A situation involving a university student in a Praise & Worship group with a conflict between theology and “revivalism” culture.
Question #3: What do you make of the verse that many will say “Lord, Lord…” but he says “depart from me I never knew you?”

iMonk Radio Podcast #160

Intro: Health concerns and risks of passing a common cup due to the H1N1 swine flu virus. Michael discusses the “scaremongering media” and its intrusion into Christian worship. And this was 2009.

Modern verse-by-verse exegesis and expository preaching. Most people can read the Bible and understand it.

Message: Greg is a former student that left the faith. Reflections on the nature of ministry and the fact that “this happens sometimes.”

Please Note: There are only a few podcasts left. #165 will be the end of the line. We started this series somewhat in the middle (#105) and then I received some earlier episodes from a couple of generous listeners. I don’t have them all but in a few weeks we will go back back to near the beginning and move forward until the well is dry.

iMonk Radio Podcast #157

Intro: Ticks at church camp, liturgical worship vs. “what we grew up with.”

Today’s message: The temptation of self-evaluation. Our roles can create a false self that we try to bring into our prayer life and present to God instead of being who we really are.

Satur-deja Vu

The Atlanta Braves victory parade attracted hundreds of thousands of fans. Staged in two locations, the parade began in downtown Atlanta at noon and ended at Truist Park in the Battery at 3 PM. Then the program started, followed by concerts and a party that lasted well into the night. You probably know the Braves won the World Series in 6 games, shutting out the Houston Astros 7 – 0 at Minute Maid Park Tuesday evening. It’s the Braves second World Series title since moving to Atlanta in 1965. They made a remarkable worst to first run in the National League West Division (it’s a long story) in 1991 and won the World Series for the first time in Atlanta in 1995.

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iMonk Radio Podcast #156

Intro: Update on the book, teaching Mark, Osteen’s ministry lacks Jesus, Losing Mum and Pup,

Today’s program: A letter from a reader and Internet Monk’s response. Choice A: Liturgy, historical connection to tradition, very little Bible teaching. Choice B: Strong biblical teaching, modern worship. Is there a C? Why can we not have the best of both?

iMonk Radio Podcast #155

Shoutout to Van Til in the intro. Then a discussion of evangelical liturgy and the call to worship.

In the second half: veteran worship and ministry leaders, with skill and experience, being shown the door. Is it just to replace them with younger guys that can be told what to do? The focus on church growth is coming back to bite evangelical churches in the long run.

iMonk Radio Podcast #154

Intro: Looking for a car. Found a good long distance service. What can you discuss/display in front of other Christians? Origins of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. “Living the Christian Year” by Bobby Gross.

Big Topic: A response to a family with a teenage son, rattled in his faith after going out into the “real world” and deciding to become atheist. How do parents respond to a child raised in a Christian home, including church life and Christian school, who then rejects Christian faith?

Note: This is what he is talking about with the sock and shoe spinning, based on the idea that Moses took off his shoes because he was on holy ground. Spin Me Right Round Jesus is the first song in a long montage so feel free to bale out at any time.

iMonk Radio Podcast #153

Intro: Michael mentions a couple of blogs authored by his daughter and son-in-law. Keep in mind these podcasts are over a decade old and with the rise in other social media blogging is not what it used to be. These days Ryan Cordle is the vicar of Zion Lutheran Church in Lafayette, Ohio. Here is the website and you could easily lookup the Facebook page. Subscribe to watch live video every Sunday.

Sins of consumerism, might work that thought into something.

Pastoral care; there is a time to lament. Sometimes a wise man says nothing.

Big topic: The emphasis on grace. It’s almost becoming rare to find and a listener writes in to thank Michael for staying with the gospel of grace.

iMonk Radio Podcast #152

Intro: Michael announces “Jesus Shaped Spirituality” for fall 2010. Amy Welborn going into semi-retirement. Lots of chatter about church buildings.

2nd half: The hard truth in the Gospel/Law debate is that the Gospel alone can do it. You don’t need to learn the Law, receive the Gospel, then go back to keeping the Law.