iMonk Radio Podcast #138

Sometimes we need a little theological house cleaning. We don’t have to hold onto everything.

Tall Skinny Kiwi talks about swine flu; leads into a discussion of the church as a voice of reason and rationality. “People think the church is anti-science.” He actually says this.

Long discussion of going with Clay Spencer to Aunt Betty’s funeral, one of Michael’s most influential mentors.

iMonk Radio Podcast #135

Pirate Christian Radio may have played out just recently. I couldn’t find any content on their site newer than February 2021. Lutheran Pastor Chris Rosenbrough was the man behind PCR and he is still very active on Facebook.

Martin Luther quotes: applying the Gospel to fit the situation.

iMonk Radio Podcast #133

Michael Spencer was once interviewed by Frank Pastore for his radio show. Pastore was a pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds who later passed away in 2012 following a motorcycle accident at the age of 55.

Some SBC Voices readers disapprove of Alan Creech Rosaries advertising on the Internet Monk sidebar.

Discussion of a Rick Warren article and what Michael likes/does not like about Warren’s ministry, particularly in regards to evangelism. 

iMonk Radio Post #132

Michael responds to those surprised to learn he identifies as evangelical after being critical of evangelicals.

Note: You can easily find The Coming Evangelical Collapse, as well as hundreds of other original Internet Monk posts, on the archive website

iMonk Radio Podcast #131

When I posted episode #130 I mentioned that the national attention The Coming Evangelical Collapse received was a catalyst in Michael’s decision to publish a book. In this podcast episode he will talk about choosing a publishing agent. He also responds to the Top 10 Questions about that three part series of evangelical collapse posts once they were suddenly noticed by more people.

iMonk Radio Podcast #130

Let me begin by apologizing for not posting last week. I never realized; my wife mentioned it on Saturday.

Episode #130 is quintessential Michael Spencer. In this episode he talks about the sudden rise in popularity of the Coming Evangelical Collapse posts. The national level of attention of that series of posts received is in large part responsible for the book deal that later followed. The second half of the episode shifts to evangelicalism in the modern American culture. He uses a borrowed term to note the effect Rush Limbaugh had over the course of two decades to define and direct Christian conservatives.

iMonk Radio Podcast #129

Michael talks about spring break and how beautiful the weather is which coincides nicely with what we’re seeing right now (minus the thunderstorms and tornado warnings).

Today’s topics: What did the early Christians not have that we feel we have to have to be Christian?

Finding lost things.

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