iMonk Radio Podcast #87

Preaching at First Presbyterian of London, KY; discussion of false assurance; Here’s the quote: Think about who you are this weekend. Be in the Lord’s house with the Lord’s people on the Lord’s day and let your assurance be challenged because unless your assurance is changing you, unless it is putting your treasure in things which cannot rust and thieves cannot steal, you have a false assurance. -Frank Turk

iMonk Radio Podcast #86

Eugene Peterson’s Eat This Book, the second in a seven part series on spirituality; high praise for Peterson’s methods and approach for entering the Bible and listening to it rather than demanding it give us answers. It’s hard to talk about Peterson without addressing The Message.

iMonk Radio Podcast #85

New intro that Michael was proud of at the time. Steve Brown is still producing radio and online content but the archives do not go back that far. Here is an archive post on why Michael does not use the word “inerrancy.” Discussion: 1 Timothy 6:6 on contentment.

iMonk Radio Podcast #84

I do not seem to have podcast #83 in my files. I did not realize that until I was ready to preview it and write copy but I have checked the numbers and verified that we can finish the run and get back to #105 without interruption.

Welcome back Great Big Stupid World by Randy Stonehill. The Gothic Catalog is still in business, Choral Treasure Radio is not. Discussion of Bill Maher and Religulous: “You can’t be a rational person six day of the week, and put on a suit and and make rational decisions and go to work and on one day of the week go to a building and think you are drinking the blood of a 2,000 year old space god. That doesn’t make you a person of faith, it makes you schizophrenic.”

iMonk Radio Podcast #82

As mentioned previously, episodes 48 – 81 are archived here and have been for a while. As we pick up at podcast #82, Michael discusses changes to the podcast then transitions to his desire to feel “at home” when worshiping with other believers in various traditions.

iMonk Radio Podcast #31

Tim Challies on Total Depravity; Ted Haggard; Gordon MacDonald, Ordering Your Private World; appreciation for Advent; (we are now in the third week of Lent).

Podcast episodes 48 – 81 are group together on this page. That page was created years ago and we’re not going to re-share those in our weekly format. Next week we are going to jump podcast #82.

iMonk Radio Podcast #17

After several consecutive episodes we are about to hit a skip in my archives. Next week’s episode will be #31 and then we will make a big jump.

Van Til had an army of lawyers but didn’t bring those with him to The Master’s Table; The Irresistible Revolution by Shane Claborn. The organization is alive and the website still works; The blogosphere does not represent the real world; You can read Remember the Faithful Remnant here.

iMonk Radio Podcast #16

Michael loves minor league ballparks. Students from China have a different view of education. Chariots of Fire contrasts Christian worldview with secular worldview. James Sire lists seven questions every worldview must answer. Don’t get in a codependent relationship with a church.