iMonk Radio Podcast #151

Information delivery paradigm. I believe this is the article Michael is responding to. Here is the link.

Why We Love the Church. Do we leave room for the church to be wrong?

Big topic: The influence we have on people over time. The church must be a community of believers doing kingdom work.

iMonk Radio Podcast #150

Criticism of Love is an Orientation by Andrew Marin. He has not blogged since 2016 but this is the stuff Michael is talking about. (There is a Facebook page which has also been quiet since 2016.)

Suffering, how we respond to it, and you don’t have to like it.

Gospel vs. law; can we be critical of pastors?

Discipleship that grows out of the gospel is the big topic for the program. Excellent discussion of Jesus’s disciples before and after the death, burial and resurrection.

iMonk Radio Podcast #149

Michael talks about the new website design of Internet Monk. While that website no longer exists there is a ton of stuff archived at

He talks about what his upcoming book will be about. That is available. Click here to learn more about Mere Churchianity.

Why do evangelicals bring their Bibles to church? Perhaps that’s an odd question for some of you but those with Lutheran or other liturgical backgrounds may wonder. That’s the big topic of today’s podcast.

iMonk Radio Podcast #148

Reclaiming the Mind is now offering every Credo course for as little as $99! “Seminary in your Pocket” is sale priced for clearance. Click here for the entire Credo series currently 93% off.

Reminder: Internet Monk is archived at It can always be found in the right-hand sidebar.

There is a lack of information on why the disciples followed Jesus. When Jesus appeared on the scene, the Kingdom was at hand. He had his foot in the door, so to speak. The disciples made an immediate response because they recognized the Kingdom was moving.

iMonk Radio Podcast #147

Returning from Cornerstone ’09 but that’s not the topic of this podcast.

Michael Jackson’s death and corrupt gods. We need to let the beauty and simplicity of the gospel be seen wherever we are, not be more like the culture.

Larger discussion of sexuality and how evangelicals approach those topics in a changing culture. (Much has changed in the past 12 years.)

iMonk Radio Podcast #146

Michael plugs Cornerstone 09. I believe we have some audio from that conference that we can share later.

Southern Baptist Convention met in Louisville, KY and Michael feels the denomination is ready to “get over itself.” He explains what that means.

The Anglican Church of North America is a new thing.

The big discussion is on evangelism and questions that many of us have.

Your Jesus is Too Safe by Jared Wilson is still available at Amazon.

iMonk Radio Podcast #145

Update on stormy weather in southeastern Kentucky. Michael can’t remember what he ate for lunch. Summer school students are not interested in learning anything.

Fathers Day weekend. 1) recommendation for Andrew Peach The Demise of Fatherhood on First Things. One of the biggest problems we are facing is the unwillingness of men to be fathers. 2) Michael discusses the problems with his relationship with his own father and the eventual resolution of some those.

iMonk Radio Podcast #144

Intro music by Christy Nockels.

Q1: Is evangelicalism child abuse? Q2: Should evangelicals apologize?

Trevin Wax interview with Danny Akin, who is still the president of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Dr. Akin put together a plan for the Great Commission Resurgence. His observations on the state of the SBC and the need to engage younger leaders is very relevant today.

iMonk Radio Podcast #143

I have not listened to this one yet. Back in 2009 Michael wrote “This week: a few stories from Advance 09. Friendship. Answers to the ‘Too God-Centered’ Objection.”

Note: this is the third episode in a row he has identified on the air as #142. When he posted it to Internet Monk it was labeled 143. (I listened to the first minute just to make the audio file uploaded correctly.)

iMonk Radio Podcast #142

Introduction bits and pieces: Maise is a bushland terrier. Facebook, Twitter, and what is low information action ratio? Critique of Mark Driscoll (keeping in mind this was recorded in 2009, Driscoll did not resign from Mars Hill until 2014.)

Longer discussion of celibacy in Roman Catholicism and evangelical married life. Father Alberto Cutié did in fact become an Episcopal priest.

Link to On Being Too God-Centered and/or Answers/Responses to that question.

Link to Stories of Science/Faith Resolution.