iMonk Radio Podcast #103

Sabbatical is over; conventional wisdom; continuing discussion of Cornerstone seminar on the Evangelical Wilderness.

We have come to the end of the line. Two years ago I started posting all the Internet Monk Radio podcasts I had archived. Some fellow iMonk fans volunteered to share what they had and that’s why the posts began at #104 and came all the way around. Click this link to easily find all the podcasts from the past two years and of course this page contains the episodes I had on hand at the time of Michael’s passing, #’s 48 – 81.

iMonk Radio Podcast #102

How did I miss the intro change? The intro theme changed at episode #100 and that version would last through the end of the podcast series. I didn’t notice until I listened to this one.

Sabbatical winding down; Cornerstone ’08; talk about The Shack; Michael breaks down his seminar on the Evangelical Wilderness from Cornerstone.

iMonk Radio Podcast #100

What iMonk Radio needs is more commercialism; a “look back” at the early days of podcasting; still on sabbatical; baseball; Cornerstone ’08; Michael says “Jesus Shaped” a lot; David Fitch (I do not have that link) review of David Wells The Courage to be Protestant.

iMonk Radio Podcast #99

Michael self-identifies as i-Monk in the intro; When you hear Ravi Zacharias, keep in mind this podcast was new in 2008; Walter Brueggemann, Prayers for a Privileged People; Daniel Berrigan, The Kings and Their Gods: The Pathology of Power; poetry by Wendell Berry; longer discussion of Robert Capon. Here is a post featuring Capon quotes via Jesus Shaped Spirituality.

iMonk Radio Podcast #98

Cold open, no intro, for sabbatical post #2; Saint Joseph Monastery in Whitesville, KY; old friends and friendship; finally Dissonant Discipleship by David Augsburg.

Below is a picture Michael took on his trip and used as the “cover art” for this podcast episode. The full size image was part of the file and I wanted to share that with you as well.

iMonk Radio Podcast #97

First podcast on sabbatical; The Christian Book Nook is still open in Louisville, KY; Prince Caspian and Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull were new movies; Why does C.S. Lewis get a pass from modern Protestants? Sympathy for Christians for whom Christianity “just isn’t working.”

The Jesus-shaped Project

In iMonk Radio Podcast #96 Michael talks about shutting down the Internet Monk website and starting a new project, Jesus Shaped Spirituality. So let’s address the Internet Monk website first. He was warning people at the time that if where was anything they wanted to keep forever they needed to download it and save it. His plan was to heavily redact much of the material he had written and posted between the end of 2000 and the spring of 2008. He did delete some older posts but never to the extent he discussed early on. Internet Monk continued for another decade after Michael passed and there are 20 years worth of posts archived today at

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iMonk Radio Podcast #96

Discussion of putting the Internet Monk website into mothballs, making it little more than a frontpage for the podcast, and Michael’s next big project Jesus Shaped Spirituality. I will have more to say later about that project but for now let’s keep this post the same size and shape as the other iMonk Radio posts.

iMonk Radio Podcast #95

Ministering to students; Cornerstone 2008 coming soon; discussion of “Jesus Shaped Spirituality” and what to do with those ideas; music by Sarah Groves; discovered Internet Monk fanpage on Facebook (that page still exists but doesn’t get many posts these days); union with Christ.