Happy Monday

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This is a bracket I can really sink my teeth into (see what I did there?) I would have to go with Burger King, Five Guys, Chick-fil-A and Arby’s. What’s your Final Four?

In that other bracket, South Carolina and North Carolina both advance to the Final Four. What are the chances they could face each other in the Championship? It would be like Venus vs. Serena Williams except with big, sweaty guys.

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That’s something of a paraphrase.

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Not sure if Mountain Man or Pastor Cummings
is presenting the exciting gospel message.

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The new ichthus for Southern Baptists

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Spring is upon us here in the Northern Hemisphere. We will leave you today with this list of camping rules. You might enjoy these everyday but they would make it hard to hold down a job.

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Have a Happy Monday!

Why Not Shepherds?

screenshot-2016-12-11-at-7-49-28-amToday is the third Sunday of Advent. Many of us will light the shepherds candle and sing Joy to the World. We’ll read Luke 2:8-20 and talk about how joy was for all people, even lowly shepherds. That first Christmas night was celebrated by a carpenter, an unwed mother, and a few dirty, smelly shepherds from a nearby field. There is certainly a message of hope in the clear demonstration that Christ had come for all…

But why not shepherds? Continue reading

His Name Shall Be Called…

Reprinted from Christmas Card Theology, originally published Dec. 5, 2009. 


My wife and I usually send out cards that have some relevance to scripture. I’d rather have an idealized manger scene or white baby Jesus than snowy villages or generic “holiday” wishes. This card I really appreciate. As names of God go this is actually a pretty short list. It’s not exhaustive for the names of Jesus but does a good job. Consider the Isaiah 9 prophecy: His name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Wait, the Son of God will be called Everlasting Father? That’s the beauty of the Trinity. You can’t think of God as three, He is one God manifest as three persons. But the Son and the Father are one. He was before all things. The Father or the Son? Yes. Continue reading