Happy Monday

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This cartoon captures the true spirit of Happy Monday. Life is tough, many things are beyond our control, and well, you know… Mondays. We all have powers. Smiles are contagious, God is good. Pass it on, and have a Happy Monday!

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what is nolege

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And my wife said “Who’s Steely Dan?” True story.

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We’ve posted hidden pics/ puzzles/ brain teasers a time or two without getting a lot of feedback. Let me know if you want to see more of these on a recurring basis. There is a phone hidden in the pic above. I’ll give it 24 hours before offering hints. Don’t hurt yourself. Go!


Vengeance is Not Ours

Screenshot 2016-06-15 at 11.06.17 AMOur collective attention has been focused on Orlando since Sunday. Every angle of that story, from terrorism to gun control, has been covered. Stories with that much media attention I usually avoid commenting on completely; everything that can be said pretty much has been (whether it should have been or not).

Omar Matten reported posted “All gays must die” before the shooting starting. While Americans debate whether bakers and florists should be closed down for refusing to serve LGBT customers, homosexuality is still punishable by death in Muslim countries. I don’t want this post to disintegrate into a political discussion, but some Christians have questioned the current administration’s support of gay rights and also tolerance of Islam in light of those two things not necessarily being tolerant of each other. I want to remind all Christian believers that vengeance belongs to God. Continue reading