Happy Monday


Shout out to my pastor friend in-real-life Stacey Hensley.

2 Tim 3 16

Mark 1 17

becoming real

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Remember “TOO BOXY?” Ladies and gentlemen, I present BREAD BOX:
Bread Box

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UFO tape


So I came across the following story the other day on Facebook:

bridge out

There were many comments already and I shared this thought: “I think those congregations should come together and… build bridges.” Clever right? The next comment was a guy that asked “Why is one big local church better than two small local churches?”

Um… wow. I had no response, I hope he was trolling.

Have a Happy Monday.

Happy Monday

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Today is Memorial Day, a day we remember and honor the servicemen and women that have gone but whose legacy is our American heritage. Many have a three day weekend, the first unofficial weekend of summer, while for many others it’s just Monday. We decided a long time ago that Happy Monday runs every Monday and you can look it up as needed. So whether you’re grilling brats or pulling a double shift, have a Happy Monday and God bless America. Continue reading

Inspired by Ivan

Screenshot 2014-12-27 at 9.05.01 PMWith Christmas Day behind us (and Thanksgiving, and Halloween) many people are getting their New Year’s resolutions together. The guilt of too much festivity is usually the first thing on our minds as we contemplate turning over a new leaf or two in the coming year. Will 2015 be your year to a) loose the weight  b) quit smoking  c) read the Bible  d) ____________? What usually happens is that thousands of Americans buy gym memberships the first week of January and then go once or twice. The read the Bible in one year people often make it to the middle of February; Genesis is pretty exciting, the Levitical priesthood ordinances not so much.

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