Coffee with Jesus: Top Ten Lists

I don’t usually created a new post to share a single cartoon. But today is New Year’s Eve and this is the kind of stuff people think about as they reflect on another year past. Today is Saturday and tomorrow is Sunday, but when the calendar turns over people tend to think in larger terms. Coffee with Jesus reminds us that important depends on your point of view. One might even interpret that ours is skewed and should be more like his, but now I’ve quit preachin’ and gone to meddlin’.


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Happy Monday


Christmas was yesterday and it’s time to move on. Well, sort of. If you’re a “12 Days of Christmas” kind of person this is only day 2. And chances are many of you have today off work or out of school if not the whole week. And, truth be told, we have a few holiday things left over to clear out. So here’s to a smooth transition back to normal. Continue reading