Acts of God

screenshot-2016-10-06-at-3-13-48-pmHurricane Matthew is about to come along the southeast coast of the United States. I was watching a guy on the news talk about what is and is not covered by various types of insurance. Some people find out after the fact, for example, that flood damage is not covered by a typical homeowner’s policy and you must specifically purchase flood insurance. Wind damage and other “acts of God” may be included or excluded in the fine print of the policy documents. And that statement got me to thinking. Continue reading

“This Means Something”

“This means something.  This is important.”  So said Roy Neary in Close Encounters of the Third Kind.  He was right.  But what does this mean?

Anything?  Nothing?  Some things are still considered acts of God; hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, lightning, etc.  It’s all over the Internet, but just in case you’ve been hibernating, your power’s been out, or perhaps you’re a long-haul truck driver that just got in, what you’re looking at is the 62′ statue King of Kings.  The statue was completed in 2004 on the site of the Solid Rock Church in Monroe, Ohio.  It was highly visible even while speeding by on the Interstate.  On Monday night the statue, molded styrofoam  over a steel frame, was stuck by lightning and quickly burned down.  Hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage was done to the church’s amphitheater, seen behind the statue.

Is this God’s judgement for building a 62′ styrofoam Jesus, or an attack of Satan against the church?  Or maybe when you put up anything 60 feet high made of steel in a state as flat as Ohio it is going to be struck by lightning.