Book Review: Jesus Untangled


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Jesus Untangled: Crucifying our Politics to Pledge Allegiance to the Lamb by Keith Giles

Giles is an intelligent writer that has done his homework and presents his case well. He is right in saying that Americans have their politics wrapped up in their Christianity. There is no morally right political party and pinning all of your hopes and dreams on any party platform will leave Christian believers disappointed. Let’s begin by analyzing what he does a good job of in this book. Continue reading

What Christians Are Looking For in a Church

Shaun King resigned earlier this month from Courageous Church in Atlanta.  Internet Monk has all the details here.  In short, he realized after loosing a lot of members in his attempt to build disciples that what his congregation really wanted was the Sunday morning show.  This got me thinking about what most Christians are looking for in a church.

King had followed all the advice given to him about building a congregation when starting a church.  He now says that he sold his soul for attendance and never quite felt like he was able to get it back.  He began preaching sermons and taking steps to get Courageous Church away from it’s Sunday morning focus and make the shift toward small groups, building disciples, and engaging the community.  He lost 85% of his membership.   Continue reading