Satur-deja Vu

Let me first apologize for not getting an iMonk Radio podcast posted this week. Thursday and Friday were rough on me personally but I’m slowly coming around. The Master’s Table reached a milestone of 600 followers this week. The Internet Monk was a lot more popular online than I’ll ever be so there’s a good chance those podcasts are why some of y’all are here. We’ll get it right next week, please and thank you.

Did you catch the Harvest Moon Thursday night? It was still impressive last night and will probably look just about as full tonight. You may also see the planet Mars as a bright red spot at about the 10 o’clock position in relation to the moon when you look up. There will another full moon, known as a blue moon when occurring twice in a single month, on October 31st. There will be a full moon on Halloween night, which is on Saturday this year. The time change will take place overnight (the next day being the first Sunday of November) and we will all get an extra hour for either revelry or to recover from revelry, your choice.

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