Happy 25th Bible Gateway!

Screenshot 2018-01-22 at 11.01.01 AMThe Master’s Table will soon celebrate 10 years. How many websites from 25 years ago are still around today? That was 1993, there was barely in internet 25 years ago. Browsers like Netscape Navigator have come and gone since then and some early web successes, like Napster and MySpace, soared in popularity and faded away slowly. Whatever happened to AOL?

Bible Gateway is celebrating 25 years and inviting all of us to celebrate with them. Click here to read more at the Bible Gateway blog. The Master’s Table is pleased to partner with Bible Gateway as we share Good News. I personally use Bible Gateway to study and prepare sermons, not just for blog posts. You will find them listed in “Useful Resources” on the right-hand sidebar and a link for the Bible Gateway Blogger Grid.


Bible Gateway Plus

Screenshot 2016-02-18 at 8.06.58 PM

Everything that has been available for free at Bible Gateway will stay that way, and they promise it always will. But after “many months of planning, coding, and beta testing” Bible Gateway Plus is now live.

This blog post explains everything the new service makes available, and the list is pretty extensive. You can try the new premium service free for 30 days by clicking here to register. After the free trial the ad-free service is only $3.99 per month.


Bible Gateway in 2014

Screenshot 2014-12-22 at 6.36.50 PM

With books of the Bible on the y axis and the calendar year along the x axis, this graph plots which verses of the Bible were read on Bible Gateway throughout the year. A couple of things should jump out at you. There are times of the year that the Bible site gets more traffic, probably indicating more Bible reading in general, such as the month of Easter. You can also clearly see paths readers took through the Bible, such as the various reading programs noted on the cluster map.

Check out the Bible Gateway Year in Review 2014 for other charts and metrics. This was the year of a major overhaul of Bible Gateway’s design and the introduction of many new features, such as the Bible Gateway Blogger Grid (of which The Master’s Table is a partner). You may have noticed the Verse of the Day in the left-hand sidebar; you can get Verse of the Day sent to your email daily. Visit Bible Gateway for this and many new features.

Not What I Expected

bibleFirst, let me put in a good word for Bible Gateway. They rolled out a major site redesign earlier this year and added a ton of interactive features. You will notice the Bible Gateway Verse of the Day on the left-hand side bar and a Bible Gateway Blogger Grid badge on the right. Scripture references in my posts are linked to the Bible Gateway site, in ESV, but there are many other English versions and other languages available. I use the site every day and will continue to, don’t get the wrong idea.

I also get a plethora of email from Bible Gateway and recently decided to participate in a scripture memorization type of Bible Study. Continue reading

New and Improved Bible Gateway

Screenshot 2014-06-27 at 8.45.06 AMThe preview of the new Bible Gateway has been available for several weeks in beta, but you may have noticed the new site design going live this week. Not everyone saw the change at the same time, but the roll out of the new format has been gradually taking place since Monday. Here are some of the key new features:

  • Bible annotation and personalization built around user accounts
  • Seamless cross-platform syncing of user-created content
  • Responsive design that adapts to any screen size or viewing device
  • Clean, clutter-free presentation of Bible, devotional, and reference content

Anything new takes a little getting used to. Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) about the new design and functionality. Below is a short video tutorial.

The Master’s Table is a proud partner of the Bible Gateway Blogger Grid. 

Bible Gateway Blogger Grid, Take 2

Last week I announced The Master’s Table was joining the Bible Gateway Blogger Grid. Then on Twitter I called it the Bible Gateway Blogging Grid. Bible Gateway re-tweeted my post but I still felt like a chump.

Or Android or Kindle

Or Android or Kindle

I did mention the Bible Gateway site, offering dozens of English translations and a host of others. I failed to mention the Bible Gateway Mobile App. Check out the classic Bible Gateway site then take a look at the Beta version which is coming soon. Read up on the Bible Gateway Blog or test your knowledge with the Bible Quote Quiz. It’s fun and you might learn something. On social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, G+) posts tagged #bgbg2 are from Bible Gateway Blogger Grid members. You may have also noticed the Verse of the Day in the left-hand sidebar with a link to Bible Gateway; you can also subscribe to Verse of the Day via email.

We devoted a week of posts to Holy Week in April, then another week preparing for the National Day of Prayer. Next week will be sort of a return to business as usual; expect 2 or 3 posts a week that are God honoring and Christ centered, with all scripture references linked to Bible Gateway. My translation of choice is the English Standard Version (ESV) but your favorite versions plus some you may have never heard of are waiting for you at Bible Gateway.


Bible Gateway Blogger Grid

Screenshot 2014-04-24 at 9.36.16 PMYou may have noticed a new look at Bible Gateway. More changes are currently in beta and the look and functionality will soon be revised again. Like WordPress and many other sites, Bible Gateway is adapting to take greater advantage of social media. Everything is now cross-promoted across multiple outlets; which brings me to my Blogger Grid announcement. Continue reading