Blogging Update

3 Notes of Interest:

1) We’re back from vacation.  The break was welcome, but as always it is good to be back here.  Expect new posts to resume as usual this week.

2) My Other Blog was fun, but I think it’s run its course.  I do have something new planned, but it will take a few days.  More to come.

3) I started a project on the side called Bible Survey.  It’s just not going to happen.  Click this link to see how it was going.  If I delete the blog everything, including the title, will be gone forever.  I would rather give the URL ( to another user.  If you might be interesting let me know in the comments or send e-mail to  You can pick up where I left off, or preferably wipe it clean and start from scratch.  I hate to see it go to waste, but I’m ready to wash my hands of it.

Bible Survey: The Children of Israel

Bible Survey is a category of posts that are part of The Master’s Table but located under a unique URL.  In recent weeks I have been reading the Bible more, but posting on my blogs less.  Disciplined Bible reading and prayer are something I struggle with.

The Children of Israel (Gen 29 – 35) is the latest post at Bible Survey.  Jacob’s name change, his wives Leah and Rachel, and a listing of his children are all covered.  Click through the link to give it a read; questions, comments and discussion are always welcome.