Thank You for Following

200 followsI’ve been blogging since 2008. Back then everything was about blog rolls. If other bloggers listed you that was a good sign. I worked to build a useful blogroll so that readers could interact with my blog friends and vice versa. Today blogs have integrated with social media. There are over 150 followers of the Master’s Table Facebook page and sharing any blog post with Facebook or Twitter is as easy as one click.

For those of you who follow – via email, RSS feed reader, social media or what-have-you – thank you. That’s all. From one Christ follower to another, peace and God bless.

I’d Like to Give a Shoutout

It’s always a pleasure to make new friends.  Amanda, author of Theologigal, left a comment yesterday and I was introduced to her site for the first time.  The religious blogosphere is pretty much a man’s world, but she has just started blogging theology and is off to a fine start.

In Mere Churchianity (haven’t finished reading it yet) Michael Spencer makes a distinction between being a follower of Jesus and following a particular church.  There is certainly a church culture, and it can be a distraction at times (or all the time) from what is really important.  Daniel is the author of Non Religious Christian, a blog devoted to taking the “religion” out of following the Christ.  I checked out his blog and found my button there.  Thanks for the link love.

I think these blogs are worth a look into, and in the next couple of days I will take the time to add them to the blog roll.  BTW, The Joy of Grace (thank you Sonny) has a Master’s Table button as well.  Just wanted to acknowledge I noticed.