Bible Gateway Blogger Grid, a Refresher

Bible Gateway iconRegulars at The Master’s Table have probably noticed a couple of things. In the left-hand sidebar, for several years now, Our Daily Bread links and the Verse-of-the-Day from Bible Gateway are updated daily. If you click “Read Now” under the ODB header you will be directed to the current day’s devotional. It only takes a couple of minutes to read or you can click to hear it instead. If you click the Bible Gateway header image you will be directed to the Bible Gateway website. If you click the highlighted scripture reference you will taken directly to those verses on Bible Gateway. I always post ESV but you can change the translation or do side-by-side comparisons at the touch of a button. Continue reading

Bible Gateway Blogger Grid, Take 2

Last week I announced The Master’s Table was joining the Bible Gateway Blogger Grid. Then on Twitter I called it the Bible Gateway Blogging Grid. Bible Gateway re-tweeted my post but I still felt like a chump.

Or Android or Kindle

Or Android or Kindle

I did mention the Bible Gateway site, offering dozens of English translations and a host of others. I failed to mention the Bible Gateway Mobile App. Check out the classic Bible Gateway site then take a look at the Beta version which is coming soon. Read up on the Bible Gateway Blog or test your knowledge with the Bible Quote Quiz. It’s fun and you might learn something. On social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, G+) posts tagged #bgbg2 are from Bible Gateway Blogger Grid members. You may have also noticed the Verse of the Day in the left-hand sidebar with a link to Bible Gateway; you can also subscribe to Verse of the Day via email.

We devoted a week of posts to Holy Week in April, then another week preparing for the National Day of Prayer. Next week will be sort of a return to business as usual; expect 2 or 3 posts a week that are God honoring and Christ centered, with all scripture references linked to Bible Gateway. My translation of choice is the English Standard Version (ESV) but your favorite versions plus some you may have never heard of are waiting for you at Bible Gateway.