The Wednesday Link List

Screenshot 2014-03-19 at 10.35.12 AMPaul Wilkinson is the author of Thinking Out Loud and Christianity 201. You’ve met him here before and from time to time I pop in on either of his blogs. This is just a friendly reminder to check in at least weekly on the Wednesday Link List, even when I don’t mention or link to it.

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Six Years at the Table

blogoversaryEvery cool title I could think of (The Gospel Truth comes to mind) had already been taken and I initially settled for a very generic Clark Bunch’s Weblog. The first post (titled First Blog, whoops) was March 4th, 2008. Over the next few days I published what I considered foundational articles which describe what I believe. Those were way too long; I actually wrote them out on paper, in long hand, before typing them in. Those were the first wobbly steps on a new path. It’s all about the journey.

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I’ve Got Friends in Blog Places

I love the Internet; no surprise there right?  I watch movies online, stream music, author multiple blogs and make excessive use of Facebook.  My wife and I each have a laptop, and our own handheld web devices.  I’m blogging in the kitchen while baking a lasagna, but that’s probably more intel than you need.

One of the privileges afforded by the internet is that anyone can have a global audience.  This blog is read around the block and around the world.  I in turn have made blog friends in places such as Canada, Australia and Israel.  While brothers and sisters in the Kingdom, we have never met in person.  Paul Wilkinson (he’s Canadian, eh) is the author of Christianity 201 and Thinking Out Loud, both of which are listed in the blogroll at right.  He wrote me last week and asked about submitting a guest post, which I am always happy to do.  Good blogs include links to other places, and one test of your own blog worthiness is being linked to by others.  Featuring a guest author adds variety to your own blog and increases the web presence of your guest.  If no one has coined the term Internetworking let me toss it out there now.

My latest post, Jesus Said More Than the Lord’s Prayer, is featured at Christianity 201.  Paul adds new content daily from a variety of sources, so be sure to visit again.

Tweaking the Blogroll

An important function of a good blog is maintaining a healthy blogroll.  Sometimes the list needs to be edited.  I’ve been working on mine the better part of the afternoon, both adding and subtracting as need be.  These are the blogs I read, at least when I get the chance.

My advice to other bloggers is to not let your blogroll get stale.  If a blog hasn’t posted in 6 or 12 months, there’s no reason to recommend that site to others.  Likewise, if you’re still listing the same 10 blogs you always have, consider if that’s really a fair assessment of who and what you’re reading.  Just a thought.  My opinion and $4 will get you a cup of coffee at FourBucks.

Blogroll: Meeting in the Clouds

From time to time the old blogroll just has to be updated.  The blogs listed at right are ones that I read and would recommend to others.  Sometimes a good blog I enjoy reading fades away.  If you haven’t posted in the past 6 or 12 months, then you’re really not blogging.  I had one blog friend that just quit; he claimed there were hundreds of goods blogs on the internet and writing another would be irrelevant.  I sometimes reluctantly edit my listings.

On a brighter note, I sometimes make and then add new blog friends. Meeting in the Clouds has been on my blog roll for a while, but hasn’t been introduced yet.  The author identifies herself only as Cloudwatcher.  Originally from England, she now lives in Australia with her husband of 50+ years.   The visual style of her blog is very different than mine, but I have found her to be very insightful.  Well versed in scripture and eternally the optimist, her blog is certainly worth a look.