Satur-deja Vu

blogrollI’ve had a very busy week but it was not spent online. Realizing I wouldn’t have a chance to write it was a good time to introduce a new Christian blog/podcast that is building an audience and provoking thoughtful discussion. Welcome Jimmy to the Table quickly become one of the most popular things I’ve written in a while. It may just be that I drew the attention of his followers but hopefully we’ve been able to help each other out. It’s been a long time since we added to the blog roll but you will notice Jimmy’s Table there now (and some other blogs deleted that have gone MIA). Continue reading

Shoutout to Blog Friends

Every week there are two or three new followers (and I’m sure as time goes by followers drop off the radar but I don’t get alerts from WordPress about those). I have noticed The Master’s Table pop up on a few blogrolls recently and wanted to give a shoutout to those blog friends and perhaps you might want to visit them as well.

Screenshot 2015-01-15 at 10.08.18 AMShe calls herself Writerwannabe and blogs at hometogo232. I believe we first crossed paths at the Inspirational Christian Blogs website but can’t say for sure; I’ve been asleep since then. You will find encouraging words, scripture quotes, poems and generally uplifting sort of posts on a regular basis.


Screenshot 2015-01-15 at 10.18.43 AMEvelin blogs at EvelinTampobolon, in both English and Indonesian. Her blogroll includes several Christian and inspiration websites. Shoutout and thank you Evelin.


Screenshot 2015-01-15 at 10.34.39 AMFinally I’d like to introduce you to a new blog friend that is really an old friend in real life. Miriam was a 6th grader when I when met the Waslewski family in 2003 (that’s her dad Mike on the surfboard). She recently graduated from Asbury University and will be traveling to the mission field in Northern Ireland. She has started a blog and will be sharing her new adventures as a missionary soon.

Tweeking the Blogroll

blogrollManaging a healthy blogroll is something of a lost art. Now that blogging has integrated with social media I sometimes question the value of a good blogroll myself. It used to be that having a good list of blogs and websites others could click to, and being linked to from the blogrolls of others, increased your chances of being viewed and considered a useful destination. Continue reading

Tweaking the Blogroll

An important function of a good blog is maintaining a healthy blogroll.  Sometimes the list needs to be edited.  I’ve been working on mine the better part of the afternoon, both adding and subtracting as need be.  These are the blogs I read, at least when I get the chance.

My advice to other bloggers is to not let your blogroll get stale.  If a blog hasn’t posted in 6 or 12 months, there’s no reason to recommend that site to others.  Likewise, if you’re still listing the same 10 blogs you always have, consider if that’s really a fair assessment of who and what you’re reading.  Just a thought.  My opinion and $4 will get you a cup of coffee at FourBucks.

Blogroll: Meeting in the Clouds

From time to time the old blogroll just has to be updated.  The blogs listed at right are ones that I read and would recommend to others.  Sometimes a good blog I enjoy reading fades away.  If you haven’t posted in the past 6 or 12 months, then you’re really not blogging.  I had one blog friend that just quit; he claimed there were hundreds of goods blogs on the internet and writing another would be irrelevant.  I sometimes reluctantly edit my listings.

On a brighter note, I sometimes make and then add new blog friends. Meeting in the Clouds has been on my blog roll for a while, but hasn’t been introduced yet.  The author identifies herself only as Cloudwatcher.  Originally from England, she now lives in Australia with her husband of 50+ years.   The visual style of her blog is very different than mine, but I have found her to be very insightful.  Well versed in scripture and eternally the optimist, her blog is certainly worth a look.

Cleaning the Blogroll

blogrollWhen I first started blogging, I worked to build up a blogroll.  These are the ones I read, and wanted to share with my readers.  Recently I’ve had to make a couple of subtractions. 

Tim Wilson lives in the United Kingdom, and was the author of Christ Centred.  His last post, the one linked, asks the question “Should Your Blog Exist?”  It also explains why he quit blogging.  The short answer is that there are a lot of blogs out there, and many are better than his own.  Since pastor’s like John Piper and C.J. Mahaney are doing such a good job, his blog was either redundant or inferior.  My name didn’t come up in his consideration.  Hmmm.  Tim concluded that the vast majority of Christian bloggers need to shut it down. 

My good friend That Dude You Know  is taking some blogging time off.  He says at least a year; no blog writing, no Facebook, no Twitter.  His goal is to re-prioritize the things in his life.  He is supporting a family, raising two kids, and working on a seminary degree.  I’ll watch for him though, and should he return I’ll recommend him again.

There are some I wonder about.  Cafe e Vino, A Small Faith and Red Head Rev stuggle sometimes to hang in there.  I’m going to leave them on the blogroll, and suggest perhaps stopping by and/or leaving a word of encouragement.  In the words of Red Green, we’re all in this together.

New Friends …Again

blogrollIt’s that time again.  Time to add some new friends to the blogroll.  New on the blogroll at this time is New Creation Person, a.k.a. Carl.  We think a lot alike.  He’s a bit new to the blog thing, so pay him a visit and share a comment or two; I already have. 

And new in the Useful Resources list is Catholic Answers.  Check out their forums.  This is the self proclaimed largest network of Catholics on the net, and Protestants alike are invited to join in and comment.  I found out about them when a member linked to a post I wrote months ago.  The thread on Christians struggling with homosexuality was sending traffic my way, so I joined as a member.  Anytime you happen to wonder what our Catholic brothers and sisters believe about a particular subject, this is the place to start.  Even if you believe Catholicism is wrong, I want you to do the research and be able to say why it is wrong.

Warning:  If you are entering the URL yourself to visit Catholic Answers, be sure  to type   and not, with an “s.”  This site will download malicious code (a trojan) to your computer.  I was fortunate that McAfee caught it.

New Friends (on the blogroll)

As I am introduced to new blogs I didn’t know about, and make new friends on the internet, I like to update my blogroll from time to time.  (Likewise, some blogs I link to have become inactive, and I should probably remove them.)  A couple of new editions this week are RT’s Place and Thinking Out Loud.  RT has a unique perspective on some things that you might have thought about, but not the way he does.  Paul Wilkinson has a very extensive blogroll you might want to check out.  There are guys listed you probably already read, like The Master’s Table, InternetMonk, and Tall Skinny Kiwi.  He also lists many resources, and has links to sermons.  There is a wide variety of linkage.  As always, when you find a blog worth reading, let me know.

Under Useful Links is now an entry for The Master’s Table.  This is a website, not a blog, listing resources, essays, and articles for Bible study that also links to other Christian sites and blogs.  It has a .org not a .com address, and is authored by a gentelmen named Timothy Youngblood.

Oops (a correction)

From time to time I add a link to the blogroll (on the right sidebar).  Last week I added a blog called Possessing the Treasure, written by a guy named Mike Ratliff.  When I created the link I typed in Ratcliff, which is not his name and ergo not the correct address.  The link is good, the site is good, pay him a visit.  Continue reading