The Read and Share File

The Six Commandments?  A federal judge suggests that public displays of the 10 commandments can be made constitutional by removing the four that directly mention God or the Sabbath.  More here.

Tim Challies comments on The State of Preaching. Notice what he says about the Gospel.

Ridley Scott (director of Alien and it’s prequel Prometheus) says he plans to direct a Moses film. Scott is skeptical of all religion, calling it “the source of all evil.”

Chaplain Mike, of Internet Monk, takes a break from reformed theology and reminds us he has a sense of humor in Signs You May Have Hit the Wall.

I enjoy celebrating a good *blogiversary, and  Tall Skinny Kiwi just turned nine. 

It’s apparently been around for a while, but I just saw the Blue Like Jazz trailer this weekend (before watching MIB3).

*There is some disagreement on spelling.  I prefer blogoversary, the same way we spell blogosphere.  Blogiversary uses the letter i presumably to look more like anniversary; I used the same spelling in this post that Andrew used.  I’m probably overthinking it, one of the marks of a good blogger.

Not Enough Hours in the Day

There are posts filed away that were started and never finished.  I have ideas that never got as far as unfinished posts.  There are things I would like to share that are just never going to happen.  There are just not enough hours in the day for me to blog everything I would like to.

Blue Like Jazz (written by Donald Miller, see also Searching for God Knows What) has been made into a movie.   It opens April 13th.  I saw this a couple of days ago about Barack Obama’s Christianity, and read an interesting article asking “Who is authorized to Baptize?” at SBC Voices.  I wish I could read everything on the Christian blogosphere and link to everything you should read, but for the time being I’ll leave that to Paul Wilkinson (Wednesday Link List) and Jeff Dunn (Saturday Ramblings on Internet Monk).  I rely on those guys to keep me informed.

Maybe I want too much.  Isn’t that always the way?  We’re in full time ministry, raising a two-year-old, and I’m trying to finish a book.  The same book I’ve started three times already, this time making it to chapter six.  Sometimes I daydream about starting a vlog, but I started a Bible Survey website that never got out of Genesis.  I probably don’t need to do more, but focus on doing a better job at what’s already on my plate.  Still, I look at these guys that post 3 or 4 times a day, often more than I do in a week, and think how do they do that?  Must be nice.