Satur-deja Vu

There’s money in them there walls. If you haven’t come across this story yet, you will. It has just gone viral but the event actually happened back on November 10th. A plumber was removing a toilet at Lakewood Church in Houston and discovered several hundred envelopes filled with cash and checks inside the wall! Back in 2014 the church reported $600,000 had been stolen from their safe. If this is that money, the plumber wonders, why did the person who stashed it never come for it? Right now they have more question than answers. The truth is stranger than fiction.

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Holiday Shopping Season

Screenshot 2019-11-08 at 11.53.56 AMThey say you have to pick your battles. For those of you that begin Halloween on September 1st and Christmas on November 1st, I choose not to fight that battle. I just quietly look the other way. That bell cannot be unrung. I want to address something different and perhaps I have stumbled onto something brilliant. Continue reading

A Scriptural Perspective on Economic Collapse and Financial Bailout

We live in the richest nation on earth.  It may be borrowed money, and we may be about to pay the piper for it, but Americans are simply the wealthiest society ever in history.  We currently consume over half of the world’s natural resources.  The poverty line in the United States is higher than the per capita income of many nations.  My dog drinks cleaner water than about half of the world’s children.  We spent more money last year on ice cream than NASA spent in the entire space program.  That is the beauty of capitalism.  The revenues generated go back into fueling the system.  Carl Marx predicted capitalism would destroy itself, but you see, greed makes it work.  Our greed drives us to work harder, put in more hours, educate ourselves to get higher positions, etc.  And what do we do with all of that additional hard-earned cash?  WE SPEND IT, creating jobs and providing increasing salaries for our friends and neighbors.  So what went wrong? Continue reading