Happy Monday

There have been a lot of 2020 memes but we’ve shared very few of them here. 2020 is sort of an easy target to kick around. We try to keep it positive and encouraging on the Happy Monday posts. Clark Bunch had plenty to say about giving thanks on the Satur-deja Vu. We just want to get you awake and smiling. At least awake. This is Happy Monday #402.

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Happy Monday


Is Monday even a thing anymore? We used to slow down on the weekend, plan time for family, worship together, maybe take a Sunday afternoon nap, and the whole purpose of Happy Monday was to help you get back out there and put nose to the grindstone. Mondays are tough… or they used to be. For some people all the days of the week just run together now. For others every day is tough. Maybe 2020 has turned every day in Monday.

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