Chick-fil-A Drama Play by Play

The Chick-fil-a saga continues, and some would argue has gotten ridiculous.  Here’s a timeline, a play by play if you will, of how we ended up where we are.  The story has been picked up by national media, who of course are reporting many facts wrongly.

  1. Dan Cathy is interviewed by Ken Coleman, a radio talk show host in Atlanta.  The link I had to the interview is longer valid, but Cathy did remark that America is inviting God’s judgement.  That broadcast was over a month ago, and there was no social media attention nor public outrage in the weeks that followed.
  2. Last week this interview was published by the Baptist Press.  Cathy says in the interview there is no such thing as a Christian company.  A company cannot be lost or saved but individuals are.  A company can however be run according to Christian principles.   Continue reading

Happy Monday

Happy Monday, a weekend review and a look ahead.

Let’s begin with the good news (so I can display the London Olympics icon).  Opening ceremonies for the 2012 Olympic Games are this Friday.  For over 100 years the Olympics have been an occasion for the nations of the world to put their differences aside and meet on the athletic field. is the official website.  I will probably provide commentary and keep a running tab of American medals on my other blog.

Box Office numbers are not being released for Dark Knight Rises out of respect for Aurora, CO shooting victims.  We have been praying for Colorado during the weeks of wildfires and home destruction, and will continue to pray for Colorado now.  James Holmes will make his first appearance in court today. UPDATE – Formal charges will be filed on Monday, July 3o.

If you read this blog and are gay (probably a small demographic) you’ll want to find and join a Chick-fil-A boycott this week.  Despite the chain’s official statement to continue serving everyone equally without discrimination, and leave the same-sex marriage debate to the politicians, Chick-fil-A is the target of GBLT boycotts and protests.  For the rest of us, Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day is August 1.  Like I said, as for me and my house…

Word of encouragement  “…God is in the business of setting us up with just what is necessary for us to get to that place where we need to be. Keep serving others. Keep putting others first. Keep using your gifts to bless others. You never know when God will open a door for you.”  More here from Walter Bright

Here’s a story I had pegged for the Read and Share File, but haven’t put together enough to publish another installment yet.  John Boyers, pictured left, will coordinate 160 chaplains serving at the summer games in London.  His regular “gig” is pastoring the players and staff of Manchester United, so he is right in his element.  Read the full story at Baptist Press.

I’m looking forward to the week ahead.  Keep my family in your prayers and have a Happy Monday :- D